Even though the UK’s summer still seems to linger, the best of the weather is behind us. The winter months are looming, which means the season of falling leaves and snapping twigs will soon be upon us. You may be wondering, what does this mean for my garden?

After tending to their plants lovingly in summer, many people abandon their gardening skills when winter rolls around. Don’t let this be you! A garden clear out in autumn will allow you to admire your garden even in the cold months, as well as giving you a head start when spring pokes its head around the corner. Better yet, it should only take you a couple of days! Here’s a checklist for your garden transformation:

Remove old plants

Your seasonal plants may have looked gorgeous in the bright sunlight of summer, but when they’re brown and lifeless it’s time for them to go. Get rid of them with your secateurs and compost everything you can. It’s important to do this before they rot so that the soil isn’t compromised!

Pull out plant supports

For the tall plants that you were growing during the summer like sunflowers, you may have used plant supports. Now that these aren’t needed, they can be pulled out so that they aren’t an eyesore in your winter garden. You can either store these for next year or put them with your garden waste.

Clear out your feeders

If your garden is host to a flurry of birds snacking on feeders, it may be time to give them a clean. Empty them of leftovers and scrub the wire clean. When they’re good as new, refill them. It’s tempting to retire your feeders in winter but it’s a great time to use them, giving birds extra resources.

Gather autumn leaves

Gathering fallen leaves that have fluttered onto your lawn is an easy way to keep your garden looking tidy. This may be an ongoing process, or you can wait to do it when you think all the leaves have been shed. Whether you use a leaf blower or gather them by hand, your garden will look effortlessly neat.

Give your soil some attention

Autumn is the perfect time to give your soil some attention. Adding manure, compost from your compost heap, and enriching your soil, will mean that in spring you will be garden ready to plant new things. You can even mulch your soil if you like, to prevent the rain from ruining it.

Clean summer build up

During the summer, the build up of dirt and pollen happens very quickly. If you have any outdoor buildings like a garage or summer house, pollen, and dust may be coating the windows. Give these and your garden furniture a clean so that they’re ready for winter and add to your tidy aesthetic.

Autumn maintenance

Don’t abandon your garden after carrying out these tasks! Make sure you care for your autumn lawn and break the lawn mower out of its home every now and again. Trimming the lawn borders does wonders for the garden, and now is even the time to plant bulbs for spring, such as daffodils.

Now that your garden looks as good as it did before the rush of summer gardening, you’ve probably built up a fair amount of garden waste. Not to worry, that’s where Junk Taxi comes in! For whatever waste you have, from garden to garage clearance, just give us a ring. Call us on 020 3092 2961 or send an email to

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