House Clearance
in London

Our efficient house clearance service allows customers in London to free up space within a property and get rid of unwanted possessions. Whether you are spring cleaning your own home or managing the clearance process on behalf of a family member or friend, our expert collection team is here to help. Simplify your life with our efficient services for residential junk removal, our service will be tailored to your requirements, ensuring that you only pay for what you need. Streamline your living space with our reliable services for household waste removal. 

Trust our experienced team for house clearance in Bromley, where we provide comprehensive services to declutter and streamline your property, ensuring a stress-free and organised environment. 

House Clearance London

How can our house
clearance service
help customers in London?

We have designed our convenient house clearance service so that we can handle everything from clearing a single room through to an entire property. Experience the joy of a clutter-free home with our expert assistance in home decluttering, providing personalised solutions to create a more organised and serene living space. 

 Our collection team is highly experienced and has worked on a wide range of clearance projects, including: 

Junk TaxiSingle room clearance

Junk TaxiFull house or flat clearance

Junk TaxiLoft clearance

Junk TaxiClearances ahead of downsizing

Junk TaxiClearances related to probate

Junk TaxiClearances for people affected by compulsive hoarding

Junk TaxiEnd of tenancy clearance

Junk TaxiSpring cleaning

Junk TaxiGarden waste clearance

Hear from our customers

Here’s our simple house clearance process:

We make it easy for customers in London to take advantage of our convenient, cost-effective house clearance service. 

  • Contact us to discuss your requirements
  • Receive a quote upfront
  • Arrange a suitable collection window

Our collection team will then visit you on site to confirm the final cost. If you are happy to proceed, we can start clearing the property there and then.  

Simplify your moving process with our specialised services in house clearance Sutton, offering efficient solutions to clear out and organise your living spaces seamlessly. Trust our dedicated team for professional property clearance, providing comprehensive services to clear out spaces efficiently, whether you are preparing for a move or simply seeking to free up valuable space. Trust our team for professional property clearance; whether you are preparing for a move, renovation, or simply need to clear out excess items, we handle the process with care and efficiency. 

House Clearance London

Tips for a
successful house clearance

Professional house clearance ensures that, no matter the size of the job, all your unwanted items will be handled professionally and responsibly. To achieve the best possible value for money, try to leave your items in an easily accessible location and, where possible, bag small items in advance. This is particularly important for garden clearance jobs where green waste may be involved. These simple steps will speed up the loading process and reduce the cost of clearing a property.  

Explore our insightful tips for house clearance to make the process smoother and more effective. From prioritising items to environmentally friendly disposal options, these tips will guide you in achieving a successful and efficient house clearance. 

Arrange a
quick quote

Call 020 3092 2961 to receive a quick quote for house clearance in London.

Alternatively, email or fill out our form and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.


What sets Junk Taxi apart for
for house clearance in London?

Junk Taxi

Flexible options

We will work closely with you, making sure that we understand your requirements and can recommend the most affordable solution. Our flexible approach ensures that your property is cleared as efficiently as possible. 

Junk Taxi

Personal service

We are here to help however we can. As a family business, we pride ourselves on the friendly, personal experience that we provide. You are very welcome to contact us for advice and we will draw on our experience to ensure that our clearance service is tailored to your needs. 

Junk Taxi

Convenient collection

We understand how to minimise inconvenience and ensure that the house clearance process runs smoothly. Our team will check in with you regularly, agreeing a suitable three-hour collection window, letting you know when they are on their way, and updating you when their work is finished. 

Junk Taxi

Professional team

As a licensed waste carrier, we ensure that any rubbish, waste, or unwanted items are handled and dealt with professionally. You’ll receive a duty of care waste transfer note for your records, and the items we clear will be taken to a responsible waste transfer station that has committed to reducing landfill. 

Junk Taxi

Say goodbye to unwanted items responsibly with our services for household waste removal, ensuring environmentally friendly disposal options for a cleaner and more sustainable living environment. 

Call 020 3092 2961 to discuss your requirements with a member of our team. Alternatively, email We’ll ensure that your rubbish, waste, or unwanted items are collected promptly and professionally.


1. How Does House Clearance Work?

We visit to provide a free quote, then schedule a suitable collection window. Our team clears any requested rooms, items, or the entire property. We dispose of all waste properly and provide a transfer note. 

2. Who pays for house clearance?

The property owner or person requesting the clearance service covers the costs. We provide free quotes, so customers know the costs upfront. 

3. Will house clearance take everything?

No, we only remove items that customers specify. You decide what gets cleared vs. what stays on the property. 

4. How much does house clearance cost in London?

Costs vary based on factors like volume/type of items, access, distance, and labour. We provide free quotes, so you know exact costs before approving the job.  

5. How do you handle the disposal of bulky furniture and appliances?

Our team is fully trained and equipped to remove and responsibly recycle or dispose of all bulky items including furniture, mattresses, appliances, and electronics. 

6. Are there any items or materials you cannot clear during the process?

There are few items we do not handle like hazardous chemicals, medicines, asbestos, and refrigerants. We can guide proper disposal if they are present. 

7. Can you assist with the removal of garden waste during house clearance?

Absolutely, our teams have experience clearing all types of garden waste like brush, leaves, tree branches, old fencing, and more. 

8. Can you clear items from lofts, basements, or other hard-to-reach places?

Yes, our crews are accustomed to accessing and clearing awkward spaces like lofts, cellars, attics, crawl spaces, and more as part of the service.  

9. How long does it typically take to complete a house clearance?

Completion times vary based on factors like property size and volume of items. Most single home clearances take 1-2 days. We provide an estimated timeframe.   

10. Can you handle the disposal of old carpets and flooring materials?

Yes, we can remove and responsibly dispose of old carpets, laminate flooring, wood, tile, and other flooring materials according to regulations.