De-cluttering your property in London doesn’t have to be a headache. Especially when you follow our expert advice in this blog, including essential dos and don’ts to keep in mind. Remember junk clearance must be responsible, therefore following the local rules and taking necessary precautions are crucial.

When in doubt, make sure to seek help from an experienced house clearance service provider in your area. They have the knowledge and expertise to make your house clearance effortless and responsible from start to finish. Give Junk Taxi a call if you want to speak to an expert now.

Allow us to take you through the 10 essential dos and don’ts for efficient home junk clearance.

Dos of house clearance

Plan ahead

Responsible and meticulous house clearance requires a well-thought-out plan. If it’s an end-of-tenancy clearance, planning becomes all the more important for your household. Go through all your belongings and see what you want to get rid of. Make a checklist of things you want to discard and plan an ideal clearance window for the job.

Work with a licenced waste carrier

Whether you’re located in Kent or any other neighbouring areas of South East London, you’d know that there are local regulations in place for junk removal. Your household waste must be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. This calls for professional help. A licenced waste carrier will be careful about handling your house clearance job and discard your waste in a nearby recycling centre. They’ll also give you a waste transfer note and invoice for the job completed on your property.

Bag smaller items for fast clearance

When you’re spring-cleaning your flat or property, you’d often come across smaller waste such as cardboard boxes, old packaging, old pipes, and wires, etc. To make collection faster, bag them up and keep them aside. This reduces your collection time, thus also reducing the cost of overall house clearance for you.

Be extra careful with your valuables

When assessing your items for deciding what to discard and what to keep, make sure you inspect each of them for hidden valuables and important documents. Label items, if possible, to ensure you’re not accidentally removing anything that’s important to you.

Be present during house clearance

When you rely on a local rubbish clearance company, they make it absolutely stress-free for you. But at the same time, it is important that you hang around and oversee that things are being done as per your requirements. Help the waste clearers with any specific instructions you may have or solve their queries if any. This makes the job easy on the clearers’ end as well as more efficient on yours.

Dispose responsibly

It’s important that you or your waste carrier discards the waste items responsibly. This includes considering the local waste handling regulations and environmental protocols to minimise your ecological footprint. It is advisable to work with a licenced house clearance service provider since they have experience recycling waste items. This will also take hassle away for you.

Don’ts of house clearance


Fly-tipping or illegal dumping of your household rubbish items will result in hefty fines and legal consequences. Even worse, it will harm the environment you live in. If clearing household waste seems like a headache, work with a local expert that will make things smooth on your end.

Neglect hazardous materials

Do not neglect hazardous items, especially garden waste that may include chemicals and old paint cans. They can be dangerous to the environment and have serious health risks. These items need to be carefully treated and recycled at a registered recycling or reuse centre. Make sure you work with a trustworthy waste carrier and receive a waste transfer note as proof of the responsible disposal of these materials.

Disregard safety

When getting rid of heavy furniture or old appliances, make sure you use proper equipment to lift and carry them out. This will help prevent accidents or injuries. Opting for professional help will remove these worries for you. They are experts equipped with tools and modern vehicles to carefully remove and carry all sorts of items from your house.

Mishandle personal documents

When disposing of personal documents, take extra measures to ensure the protection of your privacy. It is best practice to shred these documents properly and bag them up to avoid any issues.

Rush the process

Lastly, do not rush the process. We understand that house clearance is the last thing you want to stress about. Which is why it is important that you plan and research a reliable waste carrier that can handle the job responsibly for you.

Discuss your requirements with them. Get a quote tailored to your needs and budget. Know the company well and make sure they’re licenced. Finally, set up a clearance window that is convenient for you and your family. And as they arrive for collection, hang around until they are done. The collection may take only a couple of hours at most, but hurrying up the process can lead to regrets later on.

Over to you

So, we’ve covered the ten most important dos and don’ts for your effective house clearance in London. Hopefully, they will make the process simple on your end. In short, be responsible and careful with your household rubbish items. And always be open to seeking expert help for proper clearance and disposal.

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