Garden waste removal and disposal are essential for maintaining a clean and safe property in London. However, when it comes to the disposal of any waste, you must adhere to local and environmental regulations in place and be very (very) responsible.

Homeowners must rely on professional rubbish removal services for this crucial job. These experts will meticulously take the garden waste out of your property and to a reliable waste transfer station in your region. This ensures that the waste is managed in an eco-friendly manner, reducing the environmental impact.

In this blog, we will discuss which waste items are considered garden waste and 4 best practices to responsibly dispose of them in London. If you’d like to speak to one of our waste removal experts, feel free to call 020 3092 2961 or email now.

Which Items Are Considered Garden Waste?

Garden waste encompasses various organic materials that arise from maintaining a garden or outdoor space. These materials can be natural or man-made and range from green waste to garden tools.

Understanding the broad spectrum of items classified as garden waste is crucial for effective waste management and disposal. Here is a comprehensive list:

  1. Grass Cuttings

    Grass cuttings are the most common form of garden waste. After mowing your lawn, the clippings become waste.

  2. Branches, Twigs, Leaves

    Pruning trees and shrubs leaves behind branches and twigs that are often considered waste. Also, fallen leaves from trees and plants in your garden are a significant component of garden waste.

    Weeds removed from your garden are also considered garden waste. It is essential to dispose of them correctly to prevent them from spreading.

  3. Plant Pots And Garden Tools

    Plastic or ceramic plant pots that are no longer needed are considered garden waste. Also, if you have broken or outdated garden tools, such as rakes, shovels, and trimmers, lying around in your garden, it is advisable that you dispose of them carefully.

  4. Garden Furniture And Decorations

    Broken or unwanted garden furniture, such as chairs, tables, and umbrellas that you don’t need anymore can be garden waste.

    Similarly, decorative items such as statues, birdhouses, and garden gnomes that are no longer wanted or broken can as well be treated as garden waste.

  5. Pesticides And Chemicals

    Expired or unwanted pesticides, herbicides, and other garden chemicals should be disposed of responsibly at a hazardous waste disposal facility.

  6. Plastic, Packaging, Waste Bags

    Plastic pots, trays, and packaging from gardening supplies, as well as old or damaged garden waste bags and bins, can be considered garden waste.

  7. Broken Or Unused Outdoor Appliances

    Appliances like lawnmowers, garden lights, and irrigation systems can be considered garden waste if they are broken or no longer needed by the house.

How To Dispose Of Your Garden Waste In London – 4 Best Practices

  1. Work With Licensed Waste Carriers

    Always opt for professional rubbish removal services in London that are licensed and registered with the Environment Agency. Such companies adhere to strict waste regulations and ensure responsible disposal.

    Their expertise ensures that garden waste is collected, transported, and disposed of in an eco-friendly manner, minimising environmental impact.

  2. Use A Garden Waste Collection Service

    Many professional waste removal services in London offer garden waste collection. They provide designated bins or bags for easy disposal, ensuring that the waste is transported and disposed of responsibly.

    Regular collections help maintain a tidy garden while minimising environmental impact. At Junk Taxi, we offer efficient garden waste collection from your property in London. Bag your small items, such as weeds, grass cuttings, scraps of paper, etc., and keep other items in an accessible area.

    Leave the rest to us. We will take them away and dispose of them responsibly. In the end, you will receive a duty of care waste transfer note for your records.

    If hiring a skip has crossed your mind, give our dedicated blog on that topic a read.

  3. Ensure The Waste Is Taken To A Waste Transfer Station

    London has numerous waste transfer stations that accept garden waste. Even smaller areas such as Lewisham have access to local waste and recycling centres. It is important to choose one that is reputable and follows proper waste management protocols.

    These stations ensure that garden waste is segregated, processed, and disposed of correctly, either through composting or recycling, to prevent landfill accumulation.

  4. Consider Composting And Mulching

    Composting is an eco-friendly way to dispose of garden waste. Organic materials like grass cuttings, leaves, and kitchen scraps can be composted to create nutrient-rich soil.

    Home composting not only reduces waste sent to landfills but also provides an excellent source of natural fertiliser for your garden.

    Also, shredding or chipping garden waste like branches and twigs turns them into mulch. Mulch is beneficial for soil health as it retains moisture, suppresses weeds, and adds nutrients.

    Using mulch in your garden reduces the need for chemical fertilisers and helps maintain a healthy ecosystem.

Cost Of Professional Garden Waste Collection And Disposal

In London, the average cost of professional garden waste collection and disposal ranges from £50 to £150, depending on the amount of waste, the location, and the service provider. Additional fees may apply for bulky items or hazardous waste. Always request a detailed quote before hiring a service.

Contact Junk Taxi. We offer transparent pricing for waste removal, which you can check on our website. From a single unwanted item to a full 12 cubic yard truck load, we can efficiently collect all sizes and types of garden waste and dispose of them.

Call 020 3092 2961 to arrange a free quote for your garden waste removal.


Proper disposal of garden waste is essential for maintaining a clean and healthy environment. By working with licensed waste carriers, using responsible waste transfer stations, and adopting eco-friendly practices, homeowners like you can ensure that their garden waste is managed responsibly in London.

Get in touch with our experienced rubbish removal team. Junk Taxi is a team of licensed waste carriers who adopt a personal, flexible, and honest approach towards rubbish removals and house and office clearances. When we handle your garden waste, you do not have to worry about a thing.

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