dangers plastic pollution

The concept of recycling is something that everyone is aware of, and we would hope everyone partakes in. Plastic is one of the materials which can, without being recycled, create the most damage across our environment. Plastic pollution therefore poses a high level threat to our environment, our health and our wildlife. To educate and reinforce on the negative effects it can have, we recap the key dangers associated with plastic pollution.

Environmental deterioration

Plastic pollution can lead to the deterioration of our environment. As they aren’t biodegradable, plastics can remain in our ecosystem for an extended period of time, impacting nature in harmful ways. This includes terrestrial environments, as the plastics can embed into the soil and prevent plants from growing.

Ocean damage

Plastics are a major contributor to the ocean pollution we see today. Millions of tons of plastic waste enters the ocean each year, harming marine life through ingestion and suffocation, and causing habitat destruction also. Recycling our plastics can reduce the risk of harm and death to marine life and their habitats.

Toxic chemical presence

Within plastics are harmful chemicals which can contain additives such as phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA) which can work its way into our environment in multiple ways. This includes embedding into soils and escaping into water, putting a risk to both human and marine life.

Impact on wildlife

Plastic pollution can cause harm to wildlife on land, as well as within our ponds and oceans. It is common for birds to mistake plastic items as edible food, causing harm to their health whilst other on-land animals can often become entangled in our plastic waste.

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