H1 Description: Fly-tipping in London: The cost of illegal dumping

We’re sure that if you’ve walked through the London streets, you’ve seen instances of fly-tipping and littering. Fly-tipping is illegally dumping large waste items on public roads, land or into rivers. These could be bulky items such as washing machines and fridges, or leftover waste from construction sites. Fly tipping reports increased in 2019/20 by 2%, with local councils having to deal with almost a million incidents of dumped waste!

Fly-tipping is a serious crime! If you’re caught fly-tipping or dumping waste illegally, you could be facing paying a large fine (up to £50,000), or even jail time. Fly-tippers contradict the Environmental Protection Act (EPA), which states that no one can keep or dispose of waste in a manner which is likely to cause pollution or harm to human health. If you’ve ever had to dodge household waste and large-scale items on the streets, you’ll know that they can be a massive hazard!

The dangers of fly-tipping can be more than just hurting our eyes. Although fly-tipping never fits in with the aesthetic of a beautiful London street, the dangers can involve health hazards. If there are hazardous materials in the waste that has been dumped, it can impact the health of passers-by and residents in the area. If any materials content asbestos, for example, this should not be breathed in under any conditions! Fly-tipping can also attract rats and other pests, which means that in addition to councils having to dispose of large items on public roads, pest control will also have to be carried out.

The presence of fly-tipping can also be a slippery slope. If fly-tipping is frequently seen, then others may see it as acceptable. This will mean that the number of fly-tipping incidents could increase, and then the environmental impact of things being disposed of in the wrong way is also increased. So, not only will the streets of London become less of an eyesore, but the environment will benefit greatly from the discipline of disposing of your waste items responsibly.

If you come across incidents of fly-tipping on the streets, reporting this littering to your local council will ensure that they are able to dispose of this waste in a way that is environmentally conscious, ensuring you do your part for the environment. It will also discourage others from fly-tipping further, as their clean streets should be enough to motivate them to keep them that way!

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