If you’re undergoing a house renovation, or you’ve simply decided that you’ve dealt with an uncomfortable mattress for long enough, you might be wondering what to do with your old mattress. Mattresses are one of the bulkiest items you can try and dispose of, and so this poses a problem for many people as their vehicles aren’t big enough! Here is your guide to disposing of a mattress that you no longer need, with the most minimal amount of hassle to you.

What happens to most mattresses?

As mattresses are difficult to dispose of, many are fly tipped and left on the side of the road. The most common thing to happen to these mattresses is that they get left for landfill. Near enough 20 million mattresses are put in landfill every year, and not nearly enough of them are recycled. In landfill, mattresses can cause the following problems:

  • The synthetic materials in mattresses can take many decades to break down.
  • The chemicals, such as dye and bleach, cause pollution to the ground. This is poisonous to plants and animals, which is dangerous for ecosystems.

Where we can dispose of mattresses responsibly, we should!

Ways to dispose of your mattress

There are a variety of ways for you to dispose of your mattress responsibly:

Take it to your local dump

It’s possible to take your unwanted mattress to your local dump, but this requires you to have a big enough vehicle. This is unusual, and this is the problem many people run into. It is also not certain that mattresses taken to the dump won’t be put in landfill, so this option may not be the most conscientious for the environment. However, for those who do have a large vehicle, it can be a convenient option.

Sell or donate your mattress

If your mattress is still usable and can be helpful for someone else, you could consider selling or donating your mattress to those in need. This guarantees that your mattress won’t be going to landfill and won’t be disposed of irresponsibly. It can also be much appreciated by someone who may not be able to afford a mattress at full price.

Council collection

Many councils offer a bulky waste collection service, and this can be used for you to dispose of your mattress. Although these services are convenient, they are often the most expensive option. You will be asked to leave your mattress outside of your home in a specific spot so that the collection is easier. Where this is an expensive option, it’s also unknown whether or not the mattress will be disposed of responsibly.

Arrange for collection from Junk Taxi

Our collection service from Junk Taxi can take care of your mattress disposal with no hassle to you, with reasonable rates and the guarantee that we will ensure it’s disposed of responsibly. We collect mattresses of all sizes across South London. We ensure that we arrive at a convenient time for you, and we provide the peace of mind that your mattress will have been handled in a way that isn’t harmful to the environment.

To organise your mattress disposal with Junk Taxi, get in touch with us on 020 3092 2961 or email We will ensure that your mattress is taken from you without hassle, and we keep the environment in mind during our disposal.

Junk Taxi

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