When replacing the tyres on your car, you may be wondering how and where to dispose of your old tyres. There are strict guidelines around disposing of tyres, and they are difficult to recycle due to the different materials used in the manufacturing process. Due to regulations introduced in 2006, tyres are not accepted to landfill and so must be re-used or recycled in some way. You must ensure that you take all necessary steps when disposing of old tyres. Whether they are re-used or recycled through your local waste transfer station, there are a number of ways you can ensure you get rid of them responsibly.

Re-use old tyres

Once your tyres are no longer suitable for your car, you may be able to find alternative uses for them before deciding to dispose of them completely. Rather than breaking them down, attempt to re-use them as they are. Tyres can be handy for planting in your garden, home workouts, tyre swings, or to make outdoor furniture. You can get creative with how you utilise these old tyres, and their durability means they will last for years to come.

Recycle old tyres

If you have no use for your old tyres around your home, then the next most responsible thing to do is to properly recycle your tyres. There are multiple ways in which you can safely dispose of your tyres, and due to the materials they are made out of, they must not be taken to landfill. Your local council will be able to provide you with information for recycling tyres in your area.

How to recycle old tyres

  • If you are taking your car to a garage to have new tyres fitted, the garage that removes your old tyres will often dispose of them on your behalf, so you won’t have to worry about finding a resolution yourself.
  • Changing your tyres at home will mean you won’t have this option. You may have to get in contact with a tyre company to dispose of your tyres, although you will be charged for this. You could also contact a rubbish removal company to visit your property and collect your tyres along with any other waste.
  • You can take your unwanted tyres to your local recycling centre to make sure they are responsibly recycled. There may be a limit to how many you can recycle at once and it’s possible that you’ll be charged for recycling depending on your local authority. It will be worthwhile to check with them first before you proceed.

What can old tyres be used for?

Tyres can be shredded into rubber crumb which has multiple purposes. Find out some of the uses for your old tyres once they are recycled.

  • Rubber mats for gyms and children’s play areas
  • Sports surfaces such as synthetic pitches
  • Rubber road surfaces
  • Carpet underlay

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