Disposing of an old cooker safely and responsibly is essential to minimise environmental impact and ensure compliance with waste disposal regulations in the UK. Use our guide to get rid of your old cooker quickly and easily.


Before considering disposal, explore opportunities for reuse or recycling. Some charities or welfare organisations may accept used cookers in working condition. Local community groups, online marketplaces, or social media platforms can connect you with individuals interested in repurposing appliances.

Local council rules

Contact your borough council to check specific guidelines for disposing of large appliances like cookers. Some provide dedicated collection services or advice on local recycling centres. Different areas often have different rules, so it’s crucial to be aware of your local regulations.


If your local council offers a bulky waste collection service, contact them to schedule a pickup. They will provide instructions on how to prepare the cooker for collection. Be prepared to pay a fee as many councils charge for this service and you may also have to wait a while for a pick-up date depending on their schedule.

Private waste removal

Alternatively, you can hire a private waste removal service, such as Junk Taxi. Our registered company specialises in responsibly disposing of various types of waste, including large appliances like cookers.

Preparing your cooker for disposal:

  • Disconnect it

    Make sure the cooker is disconnected from the power supply and gas lines. If you’re unsure how to do this safely, consult a professional to avoid any potential hazards. Our chaps are always pleased to help.

  • Clean it

    Roughly clean the cooker to remove any food residues or grease. This step is important for safety during transportation and disposal… and for getting it out of your home without leaving unsightly oily drips. Please let us know when booking a collection if the cooker is especially dirty so we arrive well prepared to get it out with minimum mess and fuss.

  • Secure it

    If there are any loose parts, such as racks or trays, secure them properly to avoid damage during transportation. If you are a barbecue fan you might wish to retain the racks for use outdoors.

DIY disposal tips

  • Check with your local recycling centre whether they accept large appliances for recycling. They will guide you on their specific drop-off procedures. Ensure your cooker will comfortably fit in your car boot and that you have plenty of large dust sheets to protect your vehicle’s interiors. Old cookers are notoriously messy to move. It will be a two-man job getting the oven out of the house, into the car, and out at the other end so rope in a strong mate.
  • Some scrap metal merchants accept large appliances for recycling. They salvage valuable metals from the appliances and dispose of the remaining parts. Check the trader’s waste licence to ensure they are properly registered, and that your old cooker isn’t going to end up dumped in a hedge, leaving you liable for a fly-tipping fine.
  • In some cities, large appliances like cookers can be processed at waste-to-energy plants. These facilities use the waste as a fuel source to generate electricity. Check if there are any facilities near you that accept such waste.
  • Keep a record of the disposal process, including receipts or documentation provided by the waste removal or recycling services. This documentation may be useful for future reference or as proof of responsible disposal.

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