Whether you are upgrading your microwave with a newer model or if yours has reached the end of its lifespan, the safe and correct disposal of this appliance can raise questions. As a classified item of WEEE waste (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), your microwave will require proper disposal. So, what are the options?

Take your microwave to your local recycling centre

Under law, it is instructed that household electricals such as microwaves should not be placed in domestic or general waste bins. Rubbish from these bins will be collected and placed in landfill. If your microwave was part of this waste it could cause damage to our environment. Instead, you should check to see if you can recycle yours at your local recycling centre. Here, it will be broken down safely and ferrous and non-ferrous materials will be identified and separated before being disposed of correctly.

Donate it to charity

Microwaves, if in good enough condition, can be donated to many charity shops across the country. We would always recommend checking with your chosen charity shops first to see whether they are able to accept electrical heating and cooking appliances. Depending on their storage and demand, it may not always be appropriate to donate a microwave. If yours charity shop accepts heating and cooking appliances, the condition of your microwave will have to be assessed. This is to check that it is in safe working condition.

Organise a council collection

Your local council may be able to collect your microwave as part of their bulky waste collection service. Whilst this is a common service, we recommend checking to ensure the local council can provide assistance. In some areas, the demand may be high whilst resources are low, meaning wait times could be longer than expected. There will also be a charge associated with this service and, due to the collection being an electrical appliance, the fee may increase slightly.

Hire a professional waste disposal company

Organising for a professional waste disposal company to collect your old microwave could benefit you when it comes to convenience and peace of mind. There are a selection of companies who can collect white goods, such as cooking and heating appliances like your microwave. Collection should be time-efficient, and you can trust that everything from collection to disposal will be done ethically and safely.

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