Having been indoors for the last year, it’s likely that we are beginning to find ourselves feeling unsatisfied with our homes. With each aspect of our lives taking part from within the same four walls, we spend the days working, home schooling or offering support to family or neighbours, finding little time for ourselves and, as a result of this, our homes become cluttered.

It’s time to take a step back, assess your situation and take charge on making a positive change. De-cluttering is a powerful first step, bringing multiple benefits to your home life and mental wellbeing whilst allowing you to feel satisfied at the end of each day.

Increase your liveable space

It goes without saying that a house free of clutter can begin to feel more like a home. Assess the items within your most utilised rooms, such as the kitchen and lounge, and set aside those which haven’t been used for a while, or those which were a spur-of-the-moment lockdown purchase that will add minimal enjoyment to your lifestyle once normal life returns. Immediately, by making the choice to remove these items, you will find your home feels clearer and easier to live within.

Free your mind of the past

After a year like 2020, living in the moment seems like a difficult task to do, but better days are coming, so take this mentality and project it towards your belongings. We all own items which trigger special memories, but there are a few which obtain those which bring back memories that would be best let go of. Arranging for disposal of items with negative connotations not only provides your home with additional space, but allows space within your mind to be freed, letting you move forward and enjoy the present moment.

Eliminate those allergens

Holding onto domestic waste or childhood items which aren’t being utilised can result in a collection of dust and, dependent on the weather and placement, damp and mildew. Eventually, these allergens could result in health issues for those within your household. These belongings have revolved from usable household items, to allergy collecting clutter, only releasing toxins into the air. Removing these can allow cleaner airflow to circulate your home, improving the health of your loved ones.

Reduce stress and anxiety

Research has linked heightened stress and anxiety levels to build-ups of clutter within our living environments. In the back of our minds, when passing a heavily cluttered area of our home, we are aware that at some stage, it will need a reorganisation or disposal session. Instead of facing this head on in one intimidating go, separate it into manageable sections. Each night, take a few moments to make a decision about two items and, by the end of the week, your anxiety and stress levels could become eliminated!

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