Moving home with boxes full of old items that you no longer use or have any recollection of simply makes no sense, and whilst it could be increasing your moving costs, you may also be adding time to the moving process with additional and unnecessary journeys. A clutter clear-out whilst you pack your property into boxes could cut down on costs with your removal company and allow you to shorten the moving process, getting you into your new home sooner – but what do you do with the items you no longer need?

A common deterrent to cutting ties with your belongings is the endless trips to the local refuse and recycling centre. Filling up your vehicle and carrying out repetitive trips to and from your property may be a task which you simply don’t have the time for whilst preparing for your house move, leading to you packing your unused clutter and bringing it into your new home. What many homeowners don’t realise are the other options available, including charity collections and waste collection and removal services.

Charity donations

Before opting for the simple option of throwing your unused belongings away, sift out those which could be better suited for a charity donation. From clothing and shoes, through to children’s toys and books, donating your pre-loved items can bring another family joy. You can donate through the use of a drop off at your local charity shop, or packing a charity bag which has been posted through your door and leaving it outside on the day of collection. Always check with your chosen options to see which items are valid for donation and do not just leave the goods on their shop doorstep.

Waste removal services

Waste removal services provide you with the ability to continue with your schedule whilst a certified collector arrives at your home, loads your items aboard their waste collection van and removes them from your property before disposing of them safely and correctly at local refuse and recycle sites.

These waste removal vehicles can collect a range of domestic and commercial waste items, and although it may vary, most certified waste removal companies can collect:

  • Domestic waste (such as furniture, household fixtures and standard waste)
  • Single household items (such as household furniture or selected electricals)
  • Builder’s waste (such as soil, paving and rubble, so long as it is bagged up)
  • Garden waste (such as fencing and garden furniture)

At Junk Taxi, our certified team are on hand to provide both domestic and commercial sites with professional, quick and simple waste collection services. For any enquiries on the items we collect, the ways in which we safely dispose of waste or to arrange for a collection date get in touch with us today. Call 020 3092 2961 and we will be happy to help clear your home of unused items, preparing you for a fresh start in your new property.

Junk Taxi

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