By now, we all realise the importance of recycling and what it can do for our environment. A lot of the time, though, we get confused with what items go in which box, and what we can and cannot recycle. If you’re living in the borough of Dartford and you’re finding yourself in turmoil about your recycling tasks, follow this guide on exactly what you need to do…

Green refuse bins – non-recyclable items

If you’re living in Dartford, you will have a 180L green wheelie bin. This bin will be used for refuse items, which is everything that you cannot recycle. These bins will be collected weekly so that you don’t have a build up of rubbish. If you are wondering when your collection day is, you can check on the Dartford Borough Council website. These are the items that can go in your green wheelie bin:

  • All food
  • Polystyrene
  • Wood
  • Non-bottle plastic
  • Any rubbish items that cannot be recycled

When you put these bins out for collection, all waste must be inside the bin. Rubbish placed next to your bin won’t be collected!

Grey wheelie bins – dry recyclable items

Your grey recycling bin will be a 240L wheeled bin. Within this box will be most recyclable waste. Living in Dartford, you will barely have to separate your rubbish; these are the things you will place in your grey bins:

  • Paper (newspapers, magazines, catalogues)
  • Cardboard (packaging, food boxes), you will have to flatten any cardboard boxes
  • Household metal (aerosol cans, food and drink cans, jar lids, foil)
  • Household plastic (plastic bottles)
  • Plastic pots, tubs, trays (yoghurt pots, margarine tubs, punnets and more)

Currently, Dartford Borough Council is unable to recycle black coloured pots. It is also important that no food waste, polystyrene, wood, or plants are placed in your grey bin. This is waste for your green bin.

Black boxes –glass items

Your black box will be used for glass waste. This includes glass bottles and jars, ensuring that glass is separate from any other household waste and recyclables. This box, as well as your grey wheeled bin, will be collected fortnightly from the front of your property.

Brown wheelie bins – garden waste

It can be difficult to know what to do with your garden waste, especially if there is so much that twigs are overtaking your garden! The most environmentally friendly, as well as cost-effective, way to recycle your garden waste is to compost at home. You can even put food waste in your compost. If you have too much even for this, there is a council collection service, or rubbish collection from Junk Taxi to rid yourself of pesky twigs and waste!

If you elect to invest in the council garden waste collection, you will have a brown wheelie bin of 240L. These bins will be collected fortnightly and require a small annual fee. Within these bins, you can put:

  • Grass cuttings, weeds, dead flowers, leaves
  • Plants, foliage, twigs, hedge trimmings and small branches

Bulky items – what to do with them?

You may be wondering what to do with your bulky items, such as your much-loved sofa or your battered chest of drawers. These things can be taken to your local reuse and recycle centre, or collected for you to save you from loading them into your car.

Your local reuse and recycle centres

Recycling centres are brilliant for taking the items that you cannot put in your bins, as well as large waste such as demolition materials and household furniture. In Dartford, the local reuse and recycle centres are Dartford Heath Household Waste Recycling Centre, and Pepperhill Household Waste Recycling Centre. These centres are open Monday – Saturday, 8am – 4.30pm, and Sundays and bank holidays 9am – 4pm.

Things to remember

  • If you’re living in a block of flats, there will be a communal bin area that you can use
  • Put your house number on bins and boxes before you put them in the front of your property

If you’re a resident of Dartford, follow this comprehensive recycling guide to ensure you put the right items in your bins! If you’re looking for rubbish removal or garage clearance, Junk Taxi is the answer. Our convenient, easy services will rid you of the rubbish you’ve been puzzled over! Give us a call on 020 3092 2961or email

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