In a world where waste seems to be increasing at an alarming rate, it is increasingly apparent that we need to take action. Working together, we can make a difference to the amount of waste left in landfill sites. With these helpful tips, we can tackle the build-up issue head on. Let’s find a way to create a cleaner and greener environment.


Did you know that one of the largest aspects of waste in landfill sites are clothes? Think about it – its incredibly easy to remove clothes you no longer want from your wardrobe and sling them into a black carrier bag without thinking of where they may go next. That destination, of course, is landfill. Next time it comes to your wardrobe clear out, consider one of the following options, none of which involve adding to landfill sites:

  • Taking a trip to your local charity shop
  • Waiting for the arrival and collection of a doorstep charity collection
  • Selling via online apps, such as Vinted
  • Donating as hand-me-downs to relatives or friends

Buy things with less packaging

When you take your next trip to the supermarket, consider the packing of the items you pick up. In todays world it is a lot more common to come across cardboard packaging that can be recycled, and often already has been. Bulk buying can also provide you with a way of purchasing the items you need, with a fraction of the packaging. Being conscious of the packaging you purchase can train you into cleaner, greener ways of living.

Reuse, reuse, reuse

Reusing is a crucial step in protecting our environment and reducing the amount of waste left for landfill. The amount of reusable products on shelves today has dramatically increased. From metal straws to reusable water bottles and carrier bags, you can find almost everything you need – you might just have to put in the extra time to look a bit harder.


Recycling your waste is an invaluable act today. It might take an extra minute or so to separate, but by collecting your glass’, plastics, papers and aluminium tins and recycling them correctly, you can make a huge difference to our environment.

At Junk Taxi, we provide waste removal services that ensure that your items are disposed of safely and correctly. Get in touch with our team to find out more about how you can dispose of your waste in the right way, or to arrange for hassle-free collection from your property.

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