When it comes to disposing of a mass of unwanted items from your property, you will be faced with two options – waste removal or skip hire. The two options often become blurred, so today we are here to tell them apart, separating their uses and requirements and allowing you to feel confident when needing to remove your household waste.

The first factors that you may wish to consider are what each of your options can take as well as how the process works. This may vary from one location to another, so it is always worth checking with your local waste companies to confirm their services.

Skip hire

Skips are available for hire in a selection of sizes and are delivered to your property and left in your care. You are then able to put your disposable waste into the skip which will be emptied before being replaced to the front of your home for a second load if required, or taken away to be cleared.

Skips are able to take:

  • Commercial construction waste (material from construction or demolition work)
  • Commercial office waste (office furniture, non-sensitive documents and floor fixtures)
  • Domestic renovation waste (cabinets and fixtures and electricals)
  • Garden waste (turf, rubble, fencing, garden furniture)

Waste removal

This disposal option has the possibility to remove a large portion of graft work from your shoulders. A waste removal van will arrive at your home at a pre-arranged time with one or more certified collectors who will collect your rubbish, load it into the van and clear it from your property.

Waste removal vans are able to take:

  • Domestic waste (household rubbish, furniture and fixtures)
  • Single item collections (including electrical items)
  • Certain bagged garden waste (fencing, garden furniture)
  • Commercial office waste (office furniture, non-sensitive documents and floor fixtures)
  • Builders waste

When considering the options available to you for rubbish removal from your domestic or commercial property, the deciding factor may come down to the weight or size of your load. Skip hire can often be more cost-effective for those with heavier amounts of waste, such as commercial or domestic construction sites, with a range of skip sizes available, limiting the amount of unloads required. In occasions such as house or clearance, a garden clear out or removal of single furnishings from your property, waste removal vans could prove to be your best option. With a team who will physically remove the waste from your land, hauling it into their van and taking it away for safe disposal, you will be limiting the work required by you, ensuring that your waste is removed quickly, practically and efficiently.

Here at Junk Taxi, we provide both skip hire and waste removal services. To find out more information about the options available to you, or to speak with us to arrange collection of your waste, give us a call on 07709060443 where we will be happy to assist you.

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