We know we’re not the only ones who think the festive period is the most wonderful time of the year… The lights are twinkly, the grass is frosted with ice, and decorations are given pride of place in our homes. If you haven’t put up your Christmas decorations up yet now is the time!

Buying new Christmas ornaments every year can be expensive, not to mention wasteful. That’s why we’re here to save the day – upcycled Christmas décor is the new way forward. Keep reading for tips on how to create your own Christmas crafts that are perfect for the holiday season.

  • Fairy light-filled jars
    This is a simple and easy way to re-use your glass jars, no matter their original purposes. You can use a leftover mayonnaise jar or an old glass vase that you never use anymore. With fairy lights that are lying around, light up these jars and decorate your house. Whether you place them in front of your fireplace, on shelves, or in the centre of your dining table. These glittering lights will get you in the festive mood, and there’s no need to buy new materials.
  • Homemade snowflakes
    We all remember making paper snowflakes as children in school. It may seem juvenile, but it’s an easy to way to decorate. Why not use scrap paper or pages from a battered book that you don’t read anymore? Snowflakes made out of books can look very artistic! These snowflakes can be hung from your windows to spread some festive cheer to passersby.
  • Wine bottle candles
    Ever wondered what to do with your leftover wine bottles? Save them for your Christmas decoration ideas! Your empty bottles happen to be the perfect candle holder and will look spectacular on your dining table or displayed in the window. Source thin candles, then place them in the top and you’re done! For the finishing touch, tie some leftover ribbon around the bottle for a bit of flair.
  • Pinecone baubles
    In all likelihood, autumn graces your garden with never-ending fallen pinecones. Instead of letting these rot or putting them with your garden waste, collect them to use as Christmas tree decorations. By simply tying a string to the top and gluing beads on their needles, you can create some organic decorations that make the most of the natural resources you have to hand.
  • Citrus baubles
    Dried citrus slices are surprisingly merry! Whether you put them in wreaths, Christmas garlands, or add them to potpourri, they’re very popular at this time of year. They’re also easy to make by yourself. Just dry out some citrus slices in a low temperature oven and you’re good to go. Tie some string through a hole in the slices, hang them on your tree and you’ve come up with some fantastic DIY decorations.
  • DIY branch Christmas tree
    Don’t get rid of those fallen branches that have been lying on your lawn! You can use them to make a DIY Christmas tree. Collect branches of varying lengths and give them a quick sand to avoid splinters. Arrange the branches in height order to create a tree shape, and glue them to a canvas or string them together. Thread some lights on and you have a minimalistic tree!
  • Homemade stockings
    We all have those ragged clothes and blankets that we should’ve thrown away by now. This year, put them to good use instead of putting them in the bin. Sewing a stocking is a very easy task, and you may as well use the spare material you have. You can find a pattern for a stocking online, just cut out the shape and sew the fabric together! The result is satisfying and practical.

Making your own holiday décor is much better for the environment, and it will save you buying new decorations that you may only use once! It also makes the most of belongings that you thought were useless.

If you do have household junk that you know you can’t reuse, such as garden waste and leftover Christmas debris, you’ll need to get rid of it. Junk Taxi offers a seamless rubbish removal service. Just call us on 020 3092 2961 or email info@junktaxi.co.uk and we’ll help you out!

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