Once you have realised you need to replace your old washing machine, it’s important that you dispose of it properly in order to make sure it does not have any negative effects on the environment. You should always check with your local authority to ensure you have followed necessary procedures and your washing machine is taken to a registered waste transfer station to be disposed of. However, it is not always necessary to dispose of your old appliance – you may be able to find someone who can make use of it, whether this be a family member or someone less fortunate. Contacting waste removal experts can often be the best way to decide on how to dispose of your old washing machine.

Donate your washing machine

If you are simply upgrading your washing machine to a newer system and your current system is in full working order, you may be able to repurpose your old machine elsewhere. You could find other ways to make use of it rather than simply throwing it away. Why not consider offering it to your friends or family who may need an upgrade to their current machine. It is also worth contacting a charity or non-profit organisation near you to see if they would be interested in taking it. Many local charities and community centres will happily take working old appliances and will find a family in need who can benefit.

Council collection

Although not always the case, some local councils offer a collection or re-use service, where they will collect your washing machine and dispose of it safely or ensure that it is delivered to someone who needs it. There are some drawbacks to this method however, as there can often be a long waiting list for your council to visit and collect your appliance. You will find yourself stuck with your washing machine while you are waiting for the council to arrange collection, so this may not be the best solution for quick disposal.

Disposing of a broken washing machine

If your washing machine is broken and cannot be reused, it cannot simply be thrown into a skip to be disposed of. You must make sure it is processed correctly. Washing machines are classed as hazardous items and must be treated with care. You should ensure that they are processed in a sustainable manner. Transporting them to a waste transfer station will allow them to be stripped down so that the parts can be recycled where possible.

Transporting your old washing machine

If you decide to dispose of your washing machine, it is important that it is transported carefully and using the correct equipment. A rubbish removal expert should take all the necessary precautions, ensuring it is transported with care and hazardous materials are processed correctly.

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