Recycling – it is something we are all responsible for, and something we are all aware of, but do we really know why we should be doing it? When it comes to metal, there are a handful of reasons why it is important that we stick to recycling. This month, we are here to provide you with all the details so that you can feel confident in the positive change you are making.

Recycling metal can protect natural resources

When mining un-recycled metals, disruption to surrounding land and wildlife occurs. When using recycled metals, we are able to preserve natural resources which are otherwise required to mine and process un-recycled metals, as well as protect the surrounding environment.

Recycling metal can prevent waste from sitting in landfill

Metal is not a material that can biodegrade, and so without being recycled correctly, can be left sitting in landfill for an extended period of time. This can then lead to negative impacts on the surrounding air and land. By recycling our metal waste, we can divert from filling landfill up with non-biodegradable materials and improve the longevity and health of our environment.

Recycling metal can benefit the economy

It may not be a point which comes to mind immediately when thinking about recycling in general, but doing so can provide a benefit to our economy. One van is needed to transport our metal materials to a landfill site whereas countless workers are required to successfully recycle our metallics. Several vital steps are required to complete the recycling process of any material, and so many jobs become available, and our economy will benefit from this.

Recycling metal can promote an endless cycle

When it comes to recycling metal, there seems to be no end. Typically, metal can be successfully recycled time and time again, and whist the quality of the material itself may decline over time, the products it can contribute to can then be recycled again. If we all took part in recycling our metal materials correctly, we could find ourselves looking at a country where metal is missing from our landfill.

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