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‘Tis the season for twinkling lights and ever-brighter decorations. Whether you’re a holiday lover or not, a real Christmas tree is an iconic decoration that embodies the festive spirit. But what happens to your tree after the holiday cheer fades when you go this route? Worry not! If you’re planning to have a real Christmas tree in Dartford this year, we offer convenient collection and delivery services to help you out. This includes responsible disposal to ensure that you don’t have an unwanted impact on the environment. If you’re ready to take advantage of our expert waste collection and disposal services, it’s easy to get started. Simply reach out to our team on 020 3092 2961 to tell us your requirements.



Christmas tree collection
across Dartford

Disposing of green garden waste can be straightforward, but what about a massive Christmas tree? This is an unfamiliar situation for most of us, only happening once a year. Our Christmas tree collection service ensures that this process is in expert hands, ensuring that the unwanted tree is easily picked up from your home and taken away for responsible recycling. So, if you’re planning to have a real tree for your Dartford home this Christmas, look no further than Junk Taxi for convenient collection and removal.

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Christmas tree delivery in Dartford

Facing transportation difficulties when it comes to collecting your Christmas tree from the nursery? Let us help. We provide a delivery service that sees us safely transporting your tree to your doorstep. This prevents you from being limited by the size of your car and spares you the hassle of sourcing a different vehicle for the journey. Plus, because we’ll take care of this important element of your holiday preparation, you’ll be able to focus your attention elsewhere on decorating your home, purchasing gifts, and preparing Christmas treats.


Recycling your Christmas tree
in Dartford

Having a real Christmas tree is a privilege that makes the season so much more impactful. However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t responsibilities associated with this decision. In particular, it’s important to choose the eco-friendly route and recycle your tree at the end of its life:

    • The tree will be transformed into wood chippings and used to enhance flower beds and woodland spaces.
    • If needed, these wood chippings can be further processed into mulch, serving gardening needs and public spaces like walking routes.
    • Your tree can also be converted into nutrient-rich compost, benefiting Dartford homeowners.

No matter what, it’s important to steer clear of these harmful practices:

    • DON’T burn your tree. While this may seem like a natural process, burning a tree can release harmful substances into Dartford’s atmosphere and damage the local air quality.
    • DON’T send it to landfill. When a tree is buried under other waste and begins to decompose in this low-oxygen environment, it produces methane. This harmful greenhouse gas contributes to global climate issues.

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