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Decorating your home for Christmas is the perfect way to get into the festive spirit. What could be a better centrepiece than a real Christmas tree? We know that many Lewisham residents run into issues with their Christmas trees each year, whether it’s the challenge of getting them home in the first place or the puzzle of getting rid of it afterwards. For this reason, we’ve decided to use our waste collection expertise to collect and remove trees from Lewisham homes this Christmas, taking the hassle out of this entire process. Just give our team a call on 020 3092 2961 to get booked in.



Christmas tree collection
across Lewisham

Even if you’re used to dealing with green waste from your garden, the once-a-year challenge of disposing of a Christmas tree is a very different experience. For this reason, even standard garden waste services may not be equipped for the task. Luckily, at Junk Taxi we have plenty of experience moving large items from A to B, making us the ideal choice to collect and dispose of your unwanted tree. Simply get in touch to arrange a visit from our team and we’ll be able to swiftly clear your tree away. Just leave it outside the property at the agreed time!

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Christmas tree delivery in Lewisham

Choosing a real Christmas tree is the first step, transporting it to your property is the next. For many people without a suitable vehicle, this is where the plan falls apart; how can you transport a larger tree from A to B without damaging it? At Junk Taxi we’ve spotted this problem and we’re determined to solve it using our collection vehicles. Instead of transporting waste to a waste transfer station in Lewisham, we’ll transport your tree to your doorstep. Let us take the hassle out of the process by collecting your tree on your behalf, freeing up your time in the process. You can focus on decorating your home or wrapping gifts, safe in the knowledge that the delivery of your tree is in expert hands.


Recycling your Christmas tree
in Lewisham

At the end of your Christmas celebrations, it’s important to recycle your tree. This is the responsible, sustainable approach to follow if you want avoid any unnecessary impact on the environment:

  • Your tree will be repurposed into wood chippings, giving it a new lease of life where it can enhance flower beds and woodlands.
  • These chippings can be processed into mulch for use in public and private green spaces.
  • Another option is for your tree to be transformed into nutrient-rich compost, benefitting gardeners everywhere.

Best of all, by recycling your tree you avoid the following harmful practices. These are important to bear in mind, no matter what you have planned for your tree after it’s no longer needed.

  • DON’T burn your tree. Doing so may seem sensible – it does get chilly in January after all – but burning a Christmas tree actually has negative consequences for local air quality. This is because a range of harmful substances are released in the process.
  • DON’T send your tree to landfill. Again, this seems like a natural approach, but sending trees to landfill with other waste has an impact by increasing the amount of methane they produce. Being surrounded by waste, they decompose in a low-oxygen environment and produce this powerful greenhouse gas as a result.

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