Garden waste collection
in Lambeth

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Embarking on a journey towards an organised and tranquil living space is a transformative experience. At Junk Taxi, we take great pride in offering a flexible Garden Waste Collection in Lambeth, meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of our residents. Allow us to assume the responsibility of decluttering your garden, leaving you with a serene living space surrounded by a meticulously curated outdoor area. Contact our team today at 020 3092 2961 to schedule your appointment and bring a sense of calm to your garden in Lambeth.

Book A House Collection with One Simple Call

Initiating an appointment with our esteemed team is both swift and effortless:

  • Contact us: Kindly furnish us with the details of your requirements, accompanied by a few images of the waste.
  • Obtain a quote: Our proficient team will promptly respond with an initial quotation based on the information provided.
  • Arrange collection: Select a convenient time slot that aligns with your schedule for our team to conduct the waste collection.
  • Confirm particulars: Upon finalizing the details, we will revise our quotation for the service and await your endorsement.
  • Efficient removal: On the agreed-upon day, our team will proceed to gather all the pre-booked waste items.
  • Responsible disposal: All waste materials are transported to a licensed recycling depot in accordance with environmental regulations.
  • Documentation: To ensure your peace of mind, we furnish you with a transfer note as part of our comprehensive service.

Our proficiency extends to
garden waste collections of all magnitudes

We possess the capacity to oversee outdoor areas of varying dimensions. Our streamlined Garden Waste Collection in Lambeth is meticulously crafted to address a spectrum of responsibilities, from the clearance of a singular garden to the management of extensive garden waste. Our steadfast dedication remains unwavering — to furnish tailored solutions that harmonise precisely with your individual needs, guaranteeing a seamless and hassle-free encounter regardless of the scale or proportions of the outdoor space.


Experience transparent Garden waste collections with no hidden charges!

At Junk Taxi, we offer clear and concise garden clearing rates in Lambeth. You won’t encounter any extra costs unless the clearance extends beyond the anticipated duration or involves unexpectedly large or hazardous items.

Junk Taxi

Excess weight

Any weight exceeding the agreed limit will incur a charge of 18p plus VAT per kilogram.

Junk Taxi


Should the collection extend beyond 30 minutes, an additional fee of £1 plus VAT per minute will be levied.

Junk Taxi


A supplementary charge of £20 plus VAT per mattress is applicable.

Junk Taxi


An extra fee of £30 plus VAT per fridge will be imposed.


Your local experts in garden waste collection
in Lambeth

In each Garden Waste Collection endeavour, our proficient team brings forth a blend of professionalism, expertise, and a deep understanding of the diverse community residing in Lambeth. The strong familial bonds of our founder, Jamie Russell-Wood, with the community have shaped our unwavering commitment to excellence. Taking cues from the service heritage of the black cab industry, we provide a seamless and hassle-free transportation service for your garden waste collection in Lambeth. Reach out to our amiable team and immerse yourself in an unparalleled local service experience.

Which unwanted items are within
our removal purview?

Inquiries often arise regarding our capacity to manage specific items, and at Junk Taxi, we distinguish ourselves as one of the few Garden Waste Collection services in Lambeth equipped to handle a diverse assortment of undesirable items. Whether it entails deceased plants, unwanted grass, or discarded garden accessories, we adeptly remove them all. Furthermore, our proficiency extends to managing challenging items such as electronics, bicycles, and even old books. Be assured, we possess the expertise to responsibly address a wide range of items for your garden waste collection in Lambeth.


4 key pointers for optimal
garden waste collection

Adhere to these four guidelines for an efficient Garden waste collection in Lambeth.

Junk Taxi

Opt for a certified waste handler

Select Junk Taxi, a certified waste handler, to navigate environmental stewardship and avoid potential legal entanglements. This guarantees proper waste management and compliance with regulations.

Junk Taxi

Ensure thorough photographic documentation

Before commencing your Garden waste collection journey, capturing comprehensive photographs sets the foundation for accurate cost assessments, eliminating any surprises in charges.

Junk Taxi

Arrange items in a convenient location

To enhance the efficiency of Garden waste collection in Lewisham, strategically arranging all items is crucial. By thoughtfully organizing your belongings for Junk Taxi, you facilitate seamless manoeuvring for our crew.

Junk Taxi

Pre-pack green waste and paint

Accelerate your Garden waste collection process by pre-bagging green waste and paint before our arrival. This proactive step ensures a smoother operation.

Allow us to fulfill your garden waste collection

Are you prepared to enjoy a seamless Garden waste collection in Lambeth? Reach out to our team today at 020 3092 2961 to arrange your service and effortlessly enhance your property.