Garden waste collection
in Southwark

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Ready for a change? Join us on a journey to create an organised and peaceful living space! At Junk Taxi, we’re thrilled to offer an adaptable Garden Waste Collection in Southwark, specially designed to cater to the unique needs of our residents. Let us handle the task of decluttering your garden, leaving you with a tranquil living space embraced by a beautifully curated outdoor area. Get in touch with our team today at 020 3092 2961 to book your appointment and bring a touch of calm to your Southwark garden.

Book A House Collection with One Simple Call

Getting an appointment with our team is quick and easy:

  • Give us a shout: Shoot us the details and a couple of pics of your waste.
  • We’ll shoot back a quote: Our team’s on it, pronto! You’ll get an initial quote based on what you’ve shared.
  • Pick a time: Choose a slot that suits you, and we’ll swing by to scoop up your stuff.
  • Check, check, check: Once we’ve nailed down the details, we’ll tweak the quote if needed, and we’re good to go.
  • We’ll grab your junk: On the day we agreed, our crew will be there to whisk away all your booked waste.
  • We’re eco warriors: Your trash? Off to a licensed recycling depot it goes!
  • Paperwork sorted: We’ll hand you a transfer note, just so you know everything’s above board and sorted.

No garden is too big or small for us
to handle

We’ve got the skills to tackle outdoor spaces of all shapes and sizes. Our Garden Waste Collection in Southwark is designed to take care of everything, whether it’s clearing out a tiny garden or managing a huge pile of garden waste. Our goal is simple: to provide personalised solutions that match exactly what you need, making sure your experience is smooth and stress-free, no matter how big or small your outdoor area is.


No surprises with our Garden waste collections!

With Junk Taxi, you get straightforward garden clearing prices in Southwark. We won’t hit you with any hidden fees unless the clearance ends up taking longer than expected or involves unexpectedly bulky or risky items.

Junk Taxi

Excess weight

If you go over the agreed limit, it’s 18p plus VAT per kilo extra.

Junk Taxi


Going past 30 minutes? That’s £1 plus VAT for every extra minute.

Junk Taxi


Each mattress adds £20 plus VAT to the bill.

Junk Taxi


Having a fridge? Expect an additional £30 plus VAT charge per fridge.


We’re the go-to guys for Garden waste collection
in Southwark!

In every Garden Waste Collection job, our crack team brings heaps of professionalism, know-how, and a deep understanding of the diverse Southwark community. Thanks to our founder Jamie Russell-Wood’s strong ties to the area, we’re all about delivering top-notch service. Inspired by the legendary service of black cabs, we offer a smooth and hassle-free transportation service for your garden waste collection in Southwark. Get in touch with our friendly crew and dive into an unmatched local service adventure.

What can we haul
away for you?

Folks often wonder what we’re capable of handling, and here at Junk Taxi, we’re proud to say we can tackle a whole bunch of unwanted stuff in Southwark gardens. Dead plants, grass you don’t want, or any old garden bits and bobs – we’ll whisk them away in a jiffy. And hey, we’re not just about greenery – we can deal with tricky things like electronics, bikes, and even those dusty old books. Trust us, we’ve got the skills to handle all sorts of items when it comes to your garden waste collection in Southwark.


4 handy hints for a smooth
garden waste collection

Check out these four tips for making your Garden waste collection in Southwark a breeze.

Junk Taxi

Go for a certified waste handler

Pick Junk Taxi, they’re certified waste handlers, ensuring you navigate environmental rules hassle-free. No worries about legal stuff, just proper waste management and following the rules.

Junk Taxi

Snap proper pictures

Before you start your Garden waste collection gig, snap detailed photos. It helps figure out costs accurately, no surprises later on.

Junk Taxi

Organise stuff where we can reach

For a slick Garden waste collection in Lewisham, lay out your stuff smartly. When you set it up right for Junk Taxi, our crew can move about easily.

Junk Taxi

Bag up green waste and paint beforehand

Make your Garden waste collection faster by bagging up green waste and paint in advance. It makes things smoother when we get there.

Let us sort out your Garden waste collection

Ready for a hassle-free Garden waste collection in Southwark? Give our team a ring today at 020 3092 2961 to book your service and spruce up your place in no time.