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in Chelsfield

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Welcome to Junk Taxi, where Chelsfield’s house clearance needs meet unparallelled expertise. We recognise that every home is unique, and so is its clutter. With a commitment to efficiency and customer satisfaction, Junk Taxi takes the hassle out of house clearance. Our experienced team navigates the process seamlessly, offering a bespoke service tailored to your space. As pioneers of responsible disposal, we ensure that your unwanted items find eco-friendly solutions. Call Junk Taxi at 020 3092 2961 for quick and efficient house clearance in Chelsfield.

Book a house collection with one simple call

Junk Taxi simplifies house clearance in Chelsfield with these easy steps:

  • Inform us: Contact us with details or images of the waste you want cleared.
  • Swift estimation: Get an initial quote promptly based on the information provided.
  • Convenient timing: Choose a collection time that aligns with your convenience.
  • Final quote: Confirm the details and receive the final quote for the house clearance.
  • Efficient collection: On the agreed day, our team arrives for a swift and efficient removal.
  • Responsible transfer: All waste is responsibly transported to a licenced waste transfer station.
  • Documentation: You receive a waste transfer note, providing proper documentation of the disposal process.

We can handle
house clearances of all sizes

From petite flats to expansive houses, Junk Taxi excels at house clearances of all sizes in Chelsfield. Our adaptable solutions cater to the specific requirements of your space, ensuring a tailored approach. Whether you’re dealing with a small-scale decluttering or a large estate clearance, Junk Taxi’s experienced team navigates each project with efficiency and professionalism. Elevate your living environment in Chelsfield, no matter the size, with Junk Taxi’s comprehensive house clearance services.


House clearances without hidden fees!

Choose Junk Taxi in Chelsfield for house clearances with clear, transparent pricing. No hidden fees, unless the clearance extends beyond the agreed time or involves costly, unforeseen items. Experience upfront clarity in our services.

Junk Taxi

Excess weight

Any weight over the agreed limit will be charged at a rate of 18p plus VAT per kilogramme.

Junk Taxi


If the collection takes longer than 30 minutes, a charge of £1 plus VAT for every additional minute will apply.

Junk Taxi


We charge an additional £20 plus VAT per mattress.

Junk Taxi


We charge an additional £30 plus VAT per fridge.


Your local house clearance experts
in Chelsfield

Discover the local touch with Junk Taxi, your dedicated house clearance experts in Chelsfield. Our founder, Jamie Russell-Wood, and his family have long been part of the fabric of South East London. Drawing inspiration from their deep roots and the black cab industry, we bring you unparallelled service. From rubbish removal to comprehensive house clearances, we’re here to make your Chelsfield experience seamless and stress-free. Connect with our friendly team for personalised solutions that meet your every need.

Which unwanted items
can we remove?

Curious about the range of items Junk Taxi can remove during house clearances in Chelsfield? We go beyond basics, clearing outdated furniture, garden waste, and household appliances. Our team efficiently handles electronic waste, including computers and printers. Bid farewell to old bicycles, mattresses, and even worn-out carpets. Trust Junk Taxi to declutter your Chelsfield space with a comprehensive removal service, covering a variety of unwanted items.


4 top tips for an effective
house clearance

Junk Taxi brings you essential tips for optimising your Chelsfield house clearance. Follow these four guidelines to ensure maximum satisfaction and minimal disruption during the process.

Junk Taxi

Select a registered waste carrier

Make an eco-conscious choice and steer clear of penalties by selecting Junk Taxi, a registered waste carrier in Chelsfield. Trust us for responsible waste management and a cleaner, safer environment.

Junk Taxi

Capture accurate photos

Prevent surprises and get precise cost estimates for your Chelsfield house clearance with Junk Taxi. Capture accurate photos beforehand to guarantee transparent pricing and an efficient, hassle-free process.

Junk Taxi

Arrange items in an accessible location

Elevate your house clearance experience in Chelsfield by tactfully arranging items for Junk Taxi. Enhance accessibility to expedite the process, allowing our team to efficiently handle the loading and disposal. Careful organisation not only speeds up the clearance but also ensures a smoother overall experience.

Junk Taxi

Pre-bag green waste and paint

Optimise efficiency during your house clearance in Chelsfield by pre-bagging green waste and paint for Junk Taxi. Securely packaging these items streamlines our team’s process, expediting the removal. Not only does pre-bagging accelerate the clearance, but it also ensures a smoother experience for everyone involved.

Let us meet your house clearance

Make Junk Taxi your clear choice for house clearance in Chelsfield. Dial 020 3092 2961 to schedule a service that prioritises efficiency, eco-friendliness, and your satisfaction. Let us handle the clutter, transforming your space into a clean, organised haven.