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in Lee

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Lee is renowned for its serene ambience and lush green spaces. At Junk Taxi, we believe in embracing the essence of the local flavour through clutter-free living. We are your trusted, efficient, and reliable house clearance services in Lee. Regardless of the size of your clear-out, our registered waste carriers have the expertise to manage it effortlessly. Our team heavily prioritises punctuality, reliability, and exceptional customer service, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. Let us start your journey towards a clutter-free environment by contacting us today on 020 3092 2961.

Book a house collection with one simple call

With our professional team by your side, you can begin your house clearance in Lee with a simple call:

  • Initial contact: Provide us with all the details and pictures of the items that need to be cleared.
  • Quick Estimation: A preliminary price will represent your individual needs.
  • Scheduling at Your Convenience: You determine the best time for the clearing.
  • Receive quote: Once the task specifications have been finalised, we will send a thorough quote.
  • Clearance day: On the agreed date and time, our team will efficiently remove all the items.
  • Responsible transfer: To emphasise our commitment to sustainability, all materials are disposed of at approved recycling facilities.
  • Official Documentation: You will receive a trash transfer notice for your records.

We can handle house clearances
of all sizes

Whether you are dealing with a single bulky item or need a complete clearance for your home or office, our expert team is ready to assist you. From challenging loft clearances to sprawling estates, the size of the property does not affect our efficiency. We are the most reliable house clearance services in Lee.


House clearance in Lee:
Unveiling the price

Minimum load | £40 plus VAT

Up to 1 cubic yard
5 minutes labour time
50kg maximum weight

Mini load | £60 plus VAT

1 cubic yard
10 minutes labour time
100kg maximum weight

1/4 load | £90 plus VAT

3 cubic yards
15 minutes labour time
250kg maximum weight

1/3 load | £120 plus VAT

4 cubic yards
20 minutes labour time
350kg maximum weight

1/2 load | £160 plus VAT

6 cubic yards
30 minutes labour time
500kg maximum weight

3/4 load | £200 plus VAT

9 cubic yards
45 minutes labour time
750kg maximum weight

Full load | £260 plus VAT

12 cubic yards
60 minutes labour time
1000kg maximum weight

House Clearances Without Hidden Fees!

Our dedication to transparency ensures that you are entirely informed of all charges upfront.

Junk Taxi

Excess weight

Any weight over the agreed limit will be charged at a rate of 18p plus VAT per kilogramme.

Junk Taxi


If the collection takes longer than 30 minutes, a charge of £1 plus VAT for every additional minute will apply.

Junk Taxi


We charge an additional £20 plus VAT per mattress.

Junk Taxi


We charge an additional £30 plus VAT per fridge.


Your local house clearance
experts in Lee

Junk Taxi has roots in South East London and our commitment to the community is apparent. Our founder, Jamie Russell-Wood, and his family have been deeply rooted in this dynamic neighbourhood for years, so we understand the pulse of our cherished consumers. Our house clearance services help you declutter your space, creating a peaceful and harmonious environment in your home.

Which unwanted items
can we remove?

Our experts are fully equipped to remove any undesirable objects, allowing you to regain your space efficiently. We handle anything, including furniture, appliances, electronics, garden waste, old furniture, construction debris, and everyday household rubbish. Rest assured, with our expertise, all the waste from your property will be handled responsibly and disposed of in an eco-friendly procedure.


4 top tips
for an effective house clearance

Make your de-cluttering journey easier with these simple tips:

Junk Taxi

Choose a registered waste carrier

Hiring a qualified waste handler, such as Junk Taxi, will help you avoid penalties and practise environmental responsibility. It is the most effective way to be safe while also benefiting the environment.

Junk Taxi

Provide proper pictures

Detailed item descriptions and photographs allow our team to provide accurate estimates and prepare thoroughly, guaranteeing a smooth clearance day without any unexpected surprises.

Junk Taxi

Arrange items in an accessible location

Arrange your products in a strategic and easily accessible position to help our team load the items swiftly and efficiently onto their van, saving time and assuring a smooth procedure.

Junk Taxi

Pre-bag green waste and paint

Pre-packaging old paint and green trash makes disposing of it more manageable. This revolutionary process provides safe handling while expediting procedures. 

Let us meet your house clearance

Ready to experience a seamless and reliable house clearance in Lee? Contact Junk Taxi today at 020 3092 2961 for prompt and efficient services.