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in Norwood

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If you require a house clearance in Norwood, Junk Taxi is the solution. Our skilled team is committed to delivering efficient and responsible waste disposal services. Be it a small-scale decluttering or a large clear-out, our registered waste carriers possess the expertise to handle it all. Expect nothing less than punctuality, reliability, and exceptional customer service from us. Reclaim your space and enjoy a clutter-free environment by reaching out to us at 020 3092 2961.

Secure your house collection conveniently with one call

Experience the ease of organising your house collection with Junk Taxi. It’s simple and straightforward. Here’s how it works:

  • Share a description or images of the waste with Junk Taxi for clearing.
  • Ask Junk Taxi for an initial quote based on the details provided.
  • Finalise a collection time that works for you with Junk Taxi.
  • Once the details are agreed upon, receive the final quote for the house clearance service from Junk Taxi.
  • Junk Taxi will come to your property on the scheduled day to clear the rubbish.
  • Junk Taxi ensures all waste is responsibly taken to a licensed waste transfer station.
  • A waste transfer note, ensuring proper documentation of the disposal process, will be provided to you by Junk Taxi.

From small to large: House clearance in Norwood
our expertise

Junk Taxi excels in property clearances throughout Norwood, offering a wide range of options to accommodate diverse waste removal needs. Whether you need to remove a single bulky item or require a full clearance of your house or office, our team is at your service. Regardless of the scale of your rubbish removal project, Junk Taxi is dedicated to providing efficient and cost-effective solutions. We ensure a hassle-free experience throughout.


What’s the going rate for
house clearance in Norwood?

Minimum load | £40 plus VAT

Up to 1 cubic yard
5 minutes labour time
50kg maximum weight

Mini load | £60 plus VAT

1 cubic yard
10 minutes labour time
100kg maximum weight

1/4 load | £90 plus VAT

3 cubic yards
15 minutes labour time
250kg maximum weight

1/3 load | £120 plus VAT

4 cubic yards
20 minutes labour time
350kg maximum weight

1/2 load | £160 plus VAT

6 cubic yards
30 minutes labour time
500kg maximum weight

3/4 load | £200 plus VAT

9 cubic yards
45 minutes labour time
750kg maximum weight

Full load | £260 plus VAT

12 cubic yards
60 minutes labour time
1000kg maximum weight

House clearance in Norwood: No hidden fees, just clear pricing!

Trust in our transparency—no hidden fees involved. Our pricing policy is clear, and additional costs will only arise if your house clearance takes longer than agreed or contains items with higher disposal fees.

Junk Taxi

Excess weight

Any weight over the agreed limit will be charged at a rate of 18p plus VAT per kilogram.

Junk Taxi


If the collection takes longer than 30 minutes, a charge of £1 plus VAT for every additional minute will apply.

Junk Taxi


We charge an additional £20 plus VAT per mattress.

Junk Taxi


We charge an additional £30 plus VAT per fridge.


Trusted house clearance
solutions in Norwood

Our bond with the neighbourhoods of Norwood is deeply rooted. The family of our esteemed founder, Jamie Russell-Wood, has been an integral part of the community, delivering exceptional services over an extended period. Consequently, in all our undertakings, we infuse a personal touch to cater to your rubbish removal and house clearance necessities. Driven by the legacy of the black cab industry, we operate as licensed waste carriers, ensuring the responsible management of all waste materials. Our dedicated team of rubbish removal experts brings years of experience, having served neighbourhoods in and around Norwood with unwavering commitment.

Find out which items
can we remove for you

We get it – people often wonder if we can deal with all sorts of things. Well, guess what? Junk Taxi is one of the few house clearance services in Norwood that can tackle a whole range of unwanted stuff. We’re talking worn-out carpets, old furniture, kitchen gear – you name it, we’ll take it away. And hey, we’re up for the challenge with tricky items like electronics, garden debris, bikes, and even old books.


Optimise your house clearance:
4 expert strategies

Implement our professional recommendations to simplify the house clearance in Norwood. Following these four essential guidelines ensures optimal satisfaction and minimal inconvenience throughout the procedure.

Junk Taxi

Decide on a registered rubbish collection service

Selecting a registered waste carrier is vital for responsible waste management practices. This contributes to reducing environmental impact and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Junk Taxi

Shoot distinct photos

To sidestep unexpected expenses during your house clearance in Norwood, be sure to take clear photos in advance. This action encourages transparent pricing and supports a smooth, efficient procedure.

Junk Taxi

Arrange items for effortless access

Optimise the clearance procedure by arranging items for effortless access. This will expedite the loading phase, allowing us to focus on an efficient waste removal procedure.

Junk Taxi

Package green waste and paint in bags

Packaging green waste and paint in bags ahead of clearance simplifies the process. This enables the clearance team to load them onto our vehicle swiftly and efficiently, addressing specific types of trash that need to be separated and handled with care.

Rely on us to fulfil your house clearance

Are you prepared for a hassle-free house clearance in Norwood? Contact Junk Taxi for reliable, efficient, and environmentally-conscious removal services designed to meet your specific needs. Schedule your appointment today by calling 020 3092 2961.