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Rubbish Removal
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Rubbish Removal Camberwell

We provide efficient, reliable and low-cost rubbish removal in Camberwell, South London, disposing of all types of waste and rubbish carefully and responsibly. We can help you with any items at all, both domestic and commercial waste, from furniture and household appliances to outdoor rubbish and builders’ waste. Our services range from removing individual bulky items to providing a full house clearance in Camberwell.

Camberwell residents will have access to the Southwark Household Reuse and Recycling Centre, however we know how difficult it can be to transport items to the tip yourself. If you’re struggling with rubbish removal, please don’t worry as our team is here to help. We provide an affordable alternative, removing rubbish in any quantity and making sure it’s disposed of responsibly – you will know this is the case because we’re licensed waste carriers. We will find the most cost-effective solution possible depending on your circumstances, the amount of rubbish you have and the types of items we are removing.

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Low cost household
rubbish removal
in Camberwell

We keep our rubbish removal prices reasonable so everyone can access our services (especially in Camberwell where prices can be high). Some of our most popular household rubbish removal services include:

Junk TaxiClearing full homes

Junk TaxiClearing lofts and garages

Junk TaxiRemoving rubbish and items from individual rooms

Junk TaxiWorking with people affected by hoarding

Junk TaxiHelping you with spring cleaning

Junk TaxiRemoving rubbish following
building work

Junk TaxiAssisting with probate

Living in Camberwell, you might find rubbish removal difficult; there are lots of flats in the area, such as those on Wilson Road, Camberwell Passage and Marchwood Close. Many of these are period conversions, so they often won’t have lifts and will have communal entrances, making it harder to manoeuvre items in and out. If you damage communal areas of apartment buildings, you will probably be charged for the damage, so it’s important you avoid this – call in the professionals and we’ll ensure that we remove all rubbish carefully.

If you live in a house in Camberwell, many of these are terraced and might have narrow doorways, such as the properties on Grosvenor Park, Crofton Road, and the townhouses on Camberwell Grove. Domestic rubbish removal is always easier when you work with experts like us – we are licensed waste carriers and will look after your property as if it were our own.

Hear from our Rubbish Removal customers
in Camberwell

Waste removal
in Camberwell

After renovating the loft of my Camberwell house, the builders left a lot of waste behind and the mess was getting in my way. I called upon this waste removal team and they removed it in no time at all leaving it feeling clearer than it was before.

Rubbish removal
in Camberwell

Found this affordable rubbish removal company in Camberwell and they did everything I needed them to do. They did a perfect job.

Rubbish clearance
in Camberwell

During the summer I got rid of old garden accessories. I couldn’t clear them myself as it was too large of a job for one person, the rubbish clearance team came along and got rid of it all. They did a great job!

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Rubbish Removal Service

Our team provides a highly professional rubbish removal for customers throughout Camberwell and the surrounding areas. All rubbish is removed and disposed of responsibly by our licensed waste carrier to ensure that clearing your home or business doesn’t negatively impact the environment.

Throughout the rubbish removal process you’ll be kept up to date to ensure you receive the best possible customer experience. We work closely with our rubbish removal customers in Camberwell to ensure that they receive an accurate estimate and a convenient collection time. Our team cares about our customers and will do whatever they can to make removing rubbish from your Camberwell property as hassle-free as possible. Whether you require regular rubbish removal or one-off-assistance, Junk Taxi is the team to call if you’re based in Camberwell.

Rubbish Removal Camberwell

Builders’ waste
in Camberwell

We can remove all types of builders’ waste, in any quantities, including:

Rubbish Removal Camberwell


Rubbish Removal Camberwell


Rubbish Removal Camberwell

Soil, rocks, and paving

Rubbish Removal Camberwell

Concrete and cement

Rubbish Removal Camberwell


Rubbish Removal Camberwell

Tiles and ceramics

Rubbish Removal Camberwell


Rubbish Removal Camberwell

Kitchen and bathroom units

Rubbish Removal Camberwell


Rubbish Removal Camberwell


These are just examples – our team can remove any types of builders’ waste. Two people always attend every collection to make sure we can remove rubbish in any quantity.

We work closely with builders, construction companies and tradespeople, often partnering up to provide ongoing rubbish removal services across Camberwell and South London. We always find the most cost-effective option for you if you have large quantities of rubbish to dispose of. We’ll advise you on all the options.

Garden rubbish removal
in Camberwell

Are you removing rubbish from your garden in Camberwell? We work with commercial and domestic customers to provide an effective garden rubbish removal service, helping to dispose of items such as:

Junk TaxiSheds

Junk TaxiBricks and rubble

Junk TaxiFences

Junk TaxiGreen waste

Junk TaxiGarden furniture

All rubbish is disposed of appropriately at licensed waste transfer stations. We commit to reuse and recycling wherever we possibly can – to help us in our mission to protect the planet, please bag up green waste separately so we can recycle it correctly.

What sets Junk Taxi
apart for
rubbish removal in

Junk Taxi

Flexible options

We can handle a wide range of rubbish removal enquiries and will work closely with you to determine a cost-effective solution that best suits your requirements. When we collect your rubbish, we’ll make sure that your rubbish is dealt with in the manner that suits you best.

Junk Taxi

Personal service

Our friendly, approachable team are here to help you however they can. We’ll be able to offer advice on the best way to remove your rubbish and will work closely with you to ensure that the process runs smoothly. As a family business, we pride ourselves on the customer experience we provide.

Junk Taxi

Convenient collection

We take the hassle out of dealing with your rubbish or unwanted items. Our team will keep you informed at all times, agreeing a three-hour collection window with you, notifying you when they’re on their way, and letting you know when your rubbish has been removed from your property.

Junk Taxi

Professional team

We are a licensed waste carrier who will ensure that your rubbish is handled and disposed of professionally. We will provide a duty of care waste transfer note when we leave your property and will take your waste to a collection centre that is committed to recycling and reducing landfill.

Junk Taxi

Call 020 3092 2961 to discuss your rubbish removal in Camberwell. Alternatively, email We’ll ensure that your rubbish, waste, or unwanted items are collected promptly and professionally.