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in Caterham

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Whether you are nestled in the Valley or perched on the Hill, our premier rubbish removal services bridge the gap between you and a pristine environment in Caterham. Catering to both domestic and commercial sectors, we are your go-to for disposing of unwanted clutter responsibly. Our local presence empowers us to deliver quick, efficient, eco-friendly waste solutions. Embrace a clutter-free life with our expertise. Ready to transform your space? Reach out now at 020 3092 2961 or for a seamless clean-up experience in Caterham. Let us protect our town’s charm together!

How Much Waste
Can We Remove?

Every job is just a little small for us. Whether it is a single item or a full house clearance, we are equipped to handle your waste efficiently. Your convenience is our priority.

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What Types of
Rubbish Can We Remove
from Your Property?

Whether it is from your home, garden, or office, here is what we can take off your hands:

Junk TaxiDomestic Overflow:

Bid farewell to excess boxes, old magazines, and the bits and bobs that fill your drawers and cupboards.

Junk TaxiElectrical Appliances:

We remove all household electronics, including fridges, freezers, and washing machines, ensuring safe and eco-friendly disposal.

Junk TaxiUnwanted items:

If you have a lumpy mattress or a wobbly chair, we are here to take it away if it is surplus to your requirements.

Junk TaxiGarden Waste:

We will dispose of your garden trimmings, leaves, and branches, leaving your outdoor space in perfect order.

Junk TaxiBathroom Clear-out:

From outdated bathtubs to leaky taps and everything in between.

Junk Taxi Outdoor Fixtures:

We clear out garden sheds, fences, and patio furniture, making way for your new projects.

Junk TaxiFurniture Removal:

Whether it is a sofa, bed frame, or dining table that no longer serves your space, we can help.

Junk TaxiUnused Paints:

Do you have old paint cans cluttering up your shed? We will take those, too, ensuring they are disposed of responsibly.

How To Book a Collection?

Booking with us is straightforward:

  • Reach Out: Call us or send an email with details of the rubbish.
  • Estimate: We will give you a rough quote based on your description.
  • Schedule: Pick a time that suits you.
  • Inspection: We confirm the quote after a quick on-site review.
  • Clearance: We remove the waste, leaving your space clean.
  • Eco-Friendly Disposal: We ensure responsible disposal and recycling.
  • Documentation: You receive a waste transfer note for peace of mind.

Local Experts for
Rubbish Removal in Caterham

In Caterham, where history and modernity blend seamlessly, our rubbish removal team stands out for their local knowledge and commitment to the community. Understanding the significance of the area’s heritage and natural surroundings, we tailor our services to respect the environment and meet the community’s needs. With a focus on eco-friendly practices and meticulous attention to detail, our experts are dedicated to delivering outstanding service that aligns with Caterham’s values. Our dedicated team, well-acquainted with every corner of Caterham, from the bustling Valley to the serene Hill, is committed to offering personalised, environmentally conscious waste management solutions.



Partner With a Registered
Waste Carrier

Choosing us means partnering with a fully licensed waste carrier. We ensure ethical disposal practices, safeguard Caterham’s natural beauty, and adhere to all environmental regulations. Trust us to handle your waste responsibly.

What’s The Cost of Rubbish Removal
in Caterham?

Minimum load | £40 plus VAT

Up to 1 cubic yard
5 minutes labour time
50kg maximum weight

Mini load | £60 plus VAT

1 cubic yard
10 minutes labour time
100kg maximum weight

1/4 load | £90 plus VAT

3 cubic yards
15 minutes labour time
250kg maximum weight

1/3 load | £120 plus VAT

4 cubic yards
20 minutes labour time
350kg maximum weight

1/2 load | £160 plus VAT

6 cubic yards
30 minutes labour time
500kg maximum weight

3/4 load | £200 plus VAT

9 cubic yards
45 minutes labour time
750kg maximum weight

Full load | £260 plus VAT

12 cubic yards
60 minutes labour time
1000kg maximum weight

Are There Any Extra Fees?

Transparency is critical to our pricing. Additional charges apply only in specific circumstances, such as:

Junk Taxi

Excess Weight:

Should the total weight of your waste exceed our initial estimate, a nominal charge of 18p plus VAT for each additional kilogram will be applied.

Junk Taxi

Extended Service Time:

In the rare event our team needs more time to complete the job than anticipated, a supplementary fee of £1 plus VAT for every extra minute spent on-site will be charged.

Junk Taxi


Certain items require specific disposal methods. Mattresses attract additional fees of £20 plus VAT, to cover the extra handling and processing involved.

Junk Taxi


Certain items require specific disposal methods. Fridges attract additional fees of £30 plus VAT, to cover the extra handling and processing involved.

Tips For Efficient
Rubbish Removal

Enhance your rubbish removal experience in Caterham with these handy tips:

  1. Detail your waste: A clear description or photograph of your waste items helps us prepare effectively.
  2. Clear access: Ensure the path to your rubbish is unobstructed, facilitating swift collection.
  3. Sort your rubbish: Pre-sorting your waste supports efficient recycling and disposal.
  4. Communicate special needs: Inform us of any specific requirements you have, allowing us to offer a service that’s tailored to you.

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Rubbish Removal

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