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Rubbish Removal Catford

Are you in need of rubbish removal in Catford, South East London? We’re the team that can help, offering efficient, low-cost rubbish removal services that get the job done quickly and conveniently. We work with both domestic and commercial customers, providing one-off services or forming partnerships with those who need regular rubbish removals. Just let us know what you require – we can clear away anything, from individual items such as furniture and appliances, through to providing full house and flat clearances.

People in Catford can access the Lewisham household waste and recycling centre on Landmann Way, however this isn’t helpful if you need to clear large amounts of rubbish – you could end up making multiple trips. It’s also not convenient if you don’t have your own vehicle. Why not ask us to remove rubbish for you instead? We keep our prices low to make our services accessible to everyone, whatever you might need. Just let us know your requirements and we can get to work, removing rubbish in any quantity you need.

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Low cost household
rubbish removal
in Catford

We make sure we maintain high standards of customer service, while keeping our rubbish removal costs low in Catford, so everyone can access rubbish removal whenever they need it. We offer the removal of any rubbish required, and our most popular services include:

Junk TaxiClearing full homes

Junk TaxiClearing lofts and garages

Junk TaxiRemoving rubbish and items from individual rooms

Junk TaxiWorking with people affected by hoarding

Junk TaxiHelping you with spring cleaning

Junk TaxiRemoving rubbish following
building work

Junk TaxiAssisting with probate

Catford residents and landlords often have trouble clearing properties in the area. Roads can be narrow and parking vehicles can be difficult, and the types of properties in Catford can make rubbish removal more difficult too. Lots of people live in flats which have communal areas, shared doorways and narrow hallways – examples include the properties on Adenmore Road, Penerley Road and Davenport Road. From this point of view, a professional flat clearance is a much better option because we can make sure your property is well looked after.

If you need to clear a house in Catford, they may present many of the same challenges – properties such as those on Thornsbeach Road and Arran Road are terraced, and manoeuvring large items through front doors can be hard. Let us take care of household rubbish removal in Catford and make the process simple.

Hear from our Rubbish Removal customers
in Catford

Waste removal
in Catford

I had lots of leftover waste after clearing out my garage. The waste removal team did a great job I would say they are one of the best waste removal teams in Catford.

Rubbish removal
in Catford

After going through my possessions, I found large amounts of rubbish that needed to be removed and couldn’t be done by myself. This affordable rubbish removal team did a great job in getting rid of all my rubbish.

Rubbish clearance
in Catford

I accumulated lots of rubbish after living in Catford for a long time. It needed to be cleared so I called upon the rubbish clearance team. They cleared everything I needed them to, doing a great job.

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Rubbish Removal Service

We provide an efficient and professional rubbish removal service in Catford, dealing with all waste responsibly. As licensed waste carriers, it’s our job to make sure items are delivered to other licensed professionals who share our commitment to reusing and recycling where possible.

As well as providing a flexible, low-cost rubbish removal service in Catford, we really focus on customer service too. Junk Taxi is a family business and we care about all of our customers, often building ongoing relationships with them. This is something that happens particularly with our commercial customers such as builders and tradespeople, who need rubbish removal services on a regular basis.

Rubbish Removal Catford

Builders’ waste
in Catford

We work with construction companies, builders and tradespeople, providing an efficient and cost-effective service for builders’ waste removal in Catford. As part of this service, we regularly remove:

Rubbish Removal Catford


Rubbish Removal Catford


Rubbish Removal Catford

Soil, rocks, and paving

Rubbish Removal Catford

Concrete and cement

Rubbish Removal Catford


Rubbish Removal Catford

Tiles and ceramics

Rubbish Removal Catford


Rubbish Removal Catford

Kitchen and bathroom units

Rubbish Removal Catford


Rubbish Removal Catford


We’re committed to providing the most cost-effective service possible. Please rest assured we’ll price our services fairly, with complete transparency. If you need services on an ongoing basis, we’d be very happy to talk about becoming your builders’ waste removal partners in Catford.

Garden rubbish removal
in Catford

Are you getting rid of rubbish from your garden in Catford? We’ll be happy to help, providing cost-effective garden rubbish removal services. We often help by removing items such as:

Junk TaxiSheds

Junk TaxiBricks and rubble

Junk TaxiFences

Junk TaxiGreen waste

Junk TaxiGarden furniture

Please bag up green waste beforehand so we can deal with this appropriately. As licensed waste carriers, we deal with all types of waste responsibly and we’re committed to looking after the environment.

What sets Junk Taxi
apart for
rubbish removal in

Junk Taxi

Flexible options

We can handle a wide range of rubbish removal enquiries and will work closely with you to determine a cost-effective solution that best suits your requirements. When we collect your rubbish, we’ll make sure that your rubbish is dealt with in the manner that suits you best.

Junk Taxi

Personal service

Our friendly, approachable team are here to help you however they can. We’ll be able to offer advice on the best way to remove your rubbish and will work closely with you to ensure that the process runs smoothly. As a family business, we pride ourselves on the customer experience we provide.

Junk Taxi

Convenient collection

We take the hassle out of dealing with your rubbish or unwanted items. Our team will keep you informed at all times, agreeing a three-hour collection window with you, notifying you when they’re on their way, and letting you know when your rubbish has been removed from your property.

Junk Taxi

Professional team

We are a licensed waste carrier who will ensure that your rubbish is handled and disposed of professionally. We will provide a duty of care waste transfer note when we leave your property and will take your waste to a collection centre that is committed to recycling and reducing landfill.

Junk Taxi

Call 020 3092 2961 to discuss your rubbish removal in Catford. Alternatively, email We’ll ensure that your rubbish, waste, or unwanted items are collected promptly and professionally.

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