Rubbish removal
in New Addington

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Looking for a convenient way to remove all the clutter from your space? Junk Taxi is here to rescue you from the hassle of rubbish removal in New Addington. With our efficient and reliable service, we make decluttering a breeze, leaving you with a clean and organised space to enjoy. At Junk Taxi, we always work with a two-person team, ensuring we can efficiently and swiftly handle any loads. Whether you have a small task or a larger project, we’re here to discuss your options, find the perfect solution, and offer you a competitive quote.

Rely on us to manage all your waste removal needs in New Addington. Give us a call today at 020 3092 2961 to receive a complimentary, no-obligation quote.

How much waste
can we remove?

New Addington is surrounded by picturesque green spaces like Addington Hills and Central Parade and boasts a close-knit community atmosphere. At Junk Taxi, we understand the diverse needs of residents and businesses. Hence, we are equipped to handle anything from single-item pickups to full-scale clearances tailored to your specific requirements.

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What types of
rubbish can we remove
from your property?

With our commitment to customer satisfaction and eco-friendly practices, you can trust Junk Taxi to effectively remove any waste on your property.

Junk TaxiHousehold debris

Excess packaging materials, old papers, and general mess.

Junk TaxiDomestic appliances

Includes everything from refrigerators to washing machines.

Junk TaxiSingle items

Worn-out mattress, a damaged chair, or any unwanted item.

Junk TaxiBagged green waste

Bagged green waste, including grass clippings, leaves, and branches.

Junk TaxiBathroom fixtures

Old sinks, toilets, and plumbing fixtures.

Junk TaxiGarden furniture, fencing, and sheds

Garden furniture, fencing, and sheds.

Junk TaxiFurniture

Unwanted furniture pieces.

Junk TaxiBagged paints

Dried up paint cans.

How to book a collection?

We have kept our booking process simple and effective. Follow these steps to get your waste removed.

  • Schedule: Contact us via phone or online to schedule a convenient pickup time.
  • Get an initial quote: We will generate a quote based on the collection settings you provide.
  • Set a convenient schedule: Select a date and time that works for you.
  • On-site assessment: Our team conducts an on-site inspection to check that the final quote corresponds to the scope of work.
  • Approve everything: It’s time for you to approve the date and the final quote.
  • Collection and disposal: Our team will arrive at the scheduled time to collect your rubbish and transport the waste to a responsible trash management facility.
  • Waste Transfer Documentation: We provide a garbage transfer note as evidence of our commitment to responsible waste handling.

Local experts for
rubbish removal in New Addington

With deep roots in South East London, Junk Taxi has been delivering expert rubbish removal services for years. Founded by Jamie Russell-Wood, whose family has a longstanding history in the area, we proudly continue his legacy of exceptional customer service and professionalism. Our commitment to the community and local expertise sets us apart, and we continuously strive to exceed expectations.



Partner with a registered
waste carrier

With Junk Taxi, an Environment Agency-registered waste carrier, rest assured your waste is handled properly. Passionate about environmental protection, we ensure responsible waste disposal by transporting all collected waste to licensed transfer stations for recycling instead of landfills. Each collection comes with a waste transfer note, providing proof of legal disposal with details on the waste type, quantity, collection, and destination.

What’s the cost of rubbish removal
in New Addington?

Minimum load | £40 plus VAT

Up to 1 cubic yard
5 minutes labour time
50kg maximum weight

Mini load | £60 plus VAT

1 cubic yard
10 minutes labour time
100kg maximum weight

1/4 load | £90 plus VAT

3 cubic yards
15 minutes labour time
250kg maximum weight

1/3 load | £120 plus VAT

4 cubic yards
20 minutes labour time
350kg maximum weight

1/2 load | £160 plus VAT

6 cubic yards
30 minutes labour time
500kg maximum weight

3/4 load | £200 plus VAT

9 cubic yards
45 minutes labour time
750kg maximum weight

Full load | £260 plus VAT

12 cubic yards
60 minutes labour time
1000kg maximum weight

Are there any extra fees?

We have no hidden fees for rubbish removal, except for additional charges in case of unexpected items or an increase in junk volume on collection day.

Junk Taxi

Excess weight

Any weight over the agreed limit will be charged at a rate of 18p plus VAT per kilogramme. 

Junk Taxi


If the collection takes longer than the agreed time, a charge of £1 plus VAT for every additional minute will apply.

Junk Taxi


We charge an additional £20 plus VAT per mattress.

Junk Taxi


We charge an additional £30 plus VAT per fridge.

Tips for efficient
rubbish removal

To make the process easier, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Expedite the process by offering detailed descriptions or photos of your garbage.
  2. Create unobstructed access for prompt disposal.
  3. Quickly separate trash types for effective recycling. Our goal is to speed up removal while prioritising environmental friendliness.
  4. If you have any specific requirements, please don’t hesitate to inform us. We prefer clear communication to make the process smoother.

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