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Experience the expertise of the premier rubbish removal service in Plumstead with Junk Taxi! Our unwavering commitment to punctuality, reliability, and exceptional customer service ensures a stress-free journey from start to finish. Known for its unique blend of urban convenience and natural beauty, Plumstead boasts a proximity to beautiful green spaces like Plumstead Common. To uphold the eco-friendly values of the community, we adhere to all regulations and collaborate with authorised waste transfer stations throughout England. Whether you have domestic or commercial needs, we are your sustainable solution for a clutter-free life. Contact our team today at 020 3092 2961 to learn more.

How much waste
can we remove?

Junk Taxi is the best choice for rubbish disposal. We undertake projects of all sizes, from individual things to property cleanouts. Our versatile services are tailored to your specific requirements. Trust us to clear your home quickly and expertly, leaving it pristine and inviting.

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What types of
rubbish can we remove
from your property?

We understand that time is precious, so we strive to provide prompt and efficient rubbish removal services. With us, you can remove:

Junk TaxiHousehold debris

Excess packaging materials, old papers, and general mess

Junk TaxiDomestic appliances

Includes everything from refrigerators to washing machines

Junk TaxiSingle items

Worn-out mattress, a damaged chair, or any unwanted item

Junk TaxiBagged green waste

Bagged green waste, including grass clippings, leaves, and branches

Junk TaxiBathroom fixtures

Old sinks, toilets, and plumbing fixtures

Junk TaxiGarden furniture, fencing, and sheds

Garden furniture, fencing, and sheds

Junk TaxiFurniture

Unwanted furniture pieces

Junk TaxiBagged paints

Dried up paint cans

How to book a collection?

To book our waste removal service in Plumstead, follow these simple steps:

  • Contact Us: Initiate contact phone at 020 3092 2961 or email, providing detailed information and pictures about the rubbish.
  • Get an Initial Estimate: We’ll provide an initial estimate based on the information you provide.
  • Select a convenient schedule: Choose a date and time that works with your schedule.
  • On-site assessment: Our team conducts an on-site inspection to check that the final quote corresponds to the scope of work.
  • Approve and Collect: Give us the green light, and we’ll swiftly remove your rubbish.
  • Environmentally friendly disposal: We promote responsible waste management by transporting trash to designated transfer locations.
  • Waste Transfer Record: We give a trash transfer note to illustrate our thorough waste management and transparency.

Local experts for
rubbish removal in Plumstead

With extensive knowledge of England’s landscape and waste management regulations, our team is finely tuned to Plumstead’s unique demands. Founded by Jamie Russell-Wood, whose family has a longstanding history in the area, we proudly carry on his legacy of exceptional customer service and professionalism. Our team is dedicated to serving the community with local expertise and a commitment to exceeding expectations. We believe in constantly improving to ensure we remain the top choice for rubbish removal, standing out among others in our dedication to the community and unparalleled service.



Partner with a registered
waste carrier

For effective trash disposal in Plumstead, a reliable partnership with a licensed garbage carrier is crucial. Improper rubbish disposal not only harms the environment but also jeopardises soil, water sources, and ecosystems. That’s where Junk Taxi steps in as your indispensable ally. We’re committed to environmental preservation, prioritising sustainability in every disposal. Our approach ensures compliance with regulations while protecting our planet.

What’s the cost of rubbish removal
in Plumstead?

Minimum load | £40 plus VAT

Up to 1 cubic yard
5 minutes labour time
50kg maximum weight

Mini load | £60 plus VAT

1 cubic yard
10 minutes labour time
100kg maximum weight

1/4 load | £90 plus VAT

3 cubic yards
15 minutes labour time
250kg maximum weight

1/3 load | £120 plus VAT

4 cubic yards
20 minutes labour time
350kg maximum weight

1/2 load | £160 plus VAT

6 cubic yards
30 minutes labour time
500kg maximum weight

3/4 load | £200 plus VAT

9 cubic yards
45 minutes labour time
750kg maximum weight

Full load | £260 plus VAT

12 cubic yards
60 minutes labour time
1000kg maximum weight

Are there any extra fees?

Our pricing is entirely straightforward, with no hidden costs or unexpected surprises. However, it is important to remember that unplanned goods or an increase in trash volume on collection day may result in additional charges, such as:

Junk Taxi

Excess weight

Any weight over the agreed limit will be charged at a rate of 18p plus VAT per kilogramme.

Junk Taxi


If the collection takes longer than the agreed time, a charge of £1 plus VAT for every additional minute will apply.

Junk Taxi


We charge an additional £20 plus VAT per mattress.

Junk Taxi


We charge an additional £30 plus VAT per fridge.

Tips for efficient
rubbish removal

Follow these expert tips to optimise our service:

  1. Speed up the process by providing detailed descriptions or clear images of your rubbish when contacting us.
  2. Ensure accessible pathways and unobstructed access for our experts. This ensures swift reach and removal of your items.
  3. Make recycling efficient by separating waste types.
  4. Inform us of any unique requirements in advance for a smooth removal process tailored to your needs.

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