Over lockdown, DIY reared its head in the homes of many. With what felt like all the time in the world at our disposal, people were learning new skills and improving their homes (which can only be a good idea given the amount of time we’re spending in them!) But once the task is over and you’ve revamped your space, what are you meant to do with the mass of debris?

In fact, Aviva recently discovered that 85% of UK home owners undertook some form of home improvement, and 52% of those picked up their rusty garden tools and tried to replicate a Homes and Gardens magazine centrefold. While we’ve already covered the benefits of decluttering your space, these positive effects can also come from other forms of DIY:

  • Gardening
  • Painting/re-decorating
  • Replacing furniture
  • Building home accessories (the new office desk you’ve been wanting!)
  • Sewing/arts and crafts

Nowadays, people are putting more effort into their outdoor spaces. There is something so satisfying about sitting in the garden with friends, enjoying a chilled drink and listening to them praise your outdoor skills. Little do they know how much maintenance goes into making your garden that magnificent! All that’s left to do is make sure all of your pesky garden waste is out of sight and out of mind.

Painting or redecorating your indoor space, as well as swapping out your chipped, elderly furniture for something newer, can completely change how you feel about your living area. Finding new furniture for your home may leave you puzzled by what to do with the old stuff, but there are a range of options available.

The Salvation Army even has dedicated clothing banks, meaning you can easily dispose of your unwanted items. Someone else can always benefit from the things we don’t need anymore.

Maybe your contribution to the DIY craze was simply clearing out your wardrobe or tackling the box at the top of the neglected shelf. If this sounds like you, then disposing of your debris may be as simple as finding it a new home. Any used belongings that are still in good condition can be gladly accepted by your local charity shop.

Another option available is waste collection. If you’re managing a larger scale project, the chances are you’ll need a vast amount of room to be able to dispose of your rubbish. Our skips range in sizes, so we’re bound to have something big enough for your needs.

So, how did the DIY trend hit you? Maybe you went ham with the garden shears or there are paint tins stacked in your hallway.

At Junk Taxi, we provide waste collection and skip hire services throughout the week. Whether your dive into DIY was successful or not, we’re here to rid you of the remnants of it and dispose of it safely. To find out more about how our services can help you, call us today on 020 3092 2961.

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