If the time has come to move offices and a de-clutter is long overdue, you’re likely wondering where to start when it comes to clearing the space. De-cluttering can be a daunting task, but knowing where to start and having a step-by-step process in place will make the day a lot easier. So, what are the steps to de-cluttering your office so you can move to a new workplace or redecorate your current space?

Gather your supplies

Before you start anything, you should gather your supplies and ensure you have everything you need so that you aren’t left needing more equipment halfway through the process. The things you may need include enough bin bags to separate waste, recycling, and donatable items, cleaning supplies, and an appropriate vehicle to be able to transport the cleared items.

Sort through the items in your office

Now comes the lengthy part… Sorting through your items might seem like an impossible task, but starting one item at a time will help you get through things quicker than you may think. You should sort your office items into piles; piles for items you will keep, recycle, donate, and throw away. Separating out these items will allow you to clear your office effectively and efficiently.

Clean your surfaces

Once your office is cleared, it’s likely that there will be residual dust and dirt from the areas that you couldn’t get to before. Ensuring these surfaces are clean will mean that either the people moving into the office after you will have a clean slate, or if you are staying, you can be sure that you and your colleagues are working in a cleanly environment.

Dispose of your waste responsibly

Disposing of your recyclable and non-recyclable waste from your office de-clutter is the aspect that often trips people up. This is especially common if there are electrical equipment such as printers and scanners. It’s imperative that your office waste is disposed of responsibly, so that it doesn’t have a negative environmental impact. To do this, you can either…

  • Go to your local reuse and recycle centre
  • Contact a rubbish removal company to ensure your office clearance results in a responsible disposal of your office waste

The ramifications of not recycling your waste will impact our environment through soil contamination, air contamination and water contamination. It’s a simple process to dispose of your waste, so ensure you do this so that your office can have a clean start with a clear conscience.

Donate any items you don’t need

It’s likely that you will have some surplus items that you either no longer need in your new office, or that you will be replacing. This could be office chairs, desks or alternative office equipment. Donating these items will mean that another company can benefit from equipment that it still in good condition, saving it from going to waste.

Reorganise your new space

If you are staying in the same office space, now is the time to reorganise the workplace. This could include a refresh of the office layout, the introduction of new office equipment such as office desks and electronic equipment such as printers, and more. This de-cluttering and reorganisation process could increase the productivity of your company, and also create a more positive and enjoyable working environment.

Here at Junk Taxi, we can carry out the efficient office clearance you need. We frequently carry out office clearances to ensure a company can benefit from a fresh space, and we know how to dispose of your waste responsibly, being licenced waste carriers. Get in touch with us on 020 3092 2961 or email to get started.

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