Have you recently become more invested in your recycling? Maybe you’ve newly moved to Bromley and you’re not clear on the recycling rules yet. If either of these options sound like you, keep reading for a refresher course on recycling and what to do with your rubbish in the London Borough of Bromley. This information is largely the same for house owners and flat owners, but it may differ for flats above shops, so make sure you check depending on your property!

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How many bins do I need in Bromley?

To keep up with the recycling guidelines in Bromley, you’ll need four bins to separate your waste. This will be your food waste, black recycling box, green recycling box and a non-recyclable waste bin. These are collected on different schedules and are taken to be disposed of responsibly, in a way that is best for our environment! The day your waste is collected on will differ depending on where in Bromley you live – find out yours on the council website! So, let’s do a deep dive on what you need to put where…

Food waste collection in Bromley

In Bromley, your food waste will be collected on a weekly basis. This includes leftover food, teabags, coffee grounds, fruit and vegetables, and more. There can be no household waste put in these bins, but you can dispose of your cut flowers here. There are specific bags used in this bin – using a black bag could make your waste collector think that the bag is rubbish rather than food waste.

After your waste collections, your food scraps are sent to an industrial composter where it is heated up, and it then breaks down naturally.

Paper and cardboard recycling in Bromley – Black box

Your black box is the place to put all your paper and cardboard recycling. This waste recycling bin is collected every other week in Bromley, so make sure you keep track of which week you’re meant to be putting out which bin! Anything like cereal boxes, shredded paper, magazines, newspapers and more can be recycled using this box. Materials such as hardback books and drink cartons cannot be put here. Simply put, any paper should go in this box ready for your collection.

Glass and plastic recycling in Bromley – Green box

Wondering what to do with glass and plastic waste? That’s what your green bin is for. These are collected fortnightly, on the alternating week to your black box. Anything from aerosol cans to glass jars and plastic yoghurt pots can be put in this bin, which are then taken to be recycled responsibly! However, no plastic that can be scrunched can be put in your green box. These unfortunately aren’t recyclable at this point.

Non-recyclable waste in Bromley

This bin is for anything that cannot be recycled. For example, pet waste, plastic bags and film, vacuum bags with dust in it and broken glass will go in this bin. If you’re disposing of glass, make sure it’s wrapped many times to avoid it piercing the bag and causing injury. Also collected every other week, this bin should hopefully be getting lighter and lighter the more you recycle!

What if I need to go to the reuse and recycle centre in Bromley?

In the area of Bromley, there are two reuse and recycle centres that you can use at your convenience. These are handy if you need to dispose of household waste that you don’t have the room for at home. Items such as brick, DIY materials, rubble and construction waste can also be disposed of here, but they may need a fee.

To use the reuse and recycle centre, you will need a permit which you can obtain free of charge! The centres available for you to use in Bromley are on Waldo Road and Churchfields Road. If you’re in areas of Bromley such as Beckenham, West Wickham, Chislehurst and Biggin Hill, these centres will be ideal for you to access.

What do I do with my garden waste in Bromley?

If your garden waste is taking up space, it’s about time you dispose of it. Leftover branches and crispy leaves won’t do anything for the way your garden looks! If you have a lot of garden waste on a frequent basis, the council does a home collection service for a fee. If it’s only a one off, Junk Taxi can collect your garden waste along with some household waste. Our seamless service is bound to make your life easier!

Junk Taxi is the best company for you if you have anything to dispose of that you don’t know how to recycle. We work with a company that recycles 90% of the waste it receives, so you’ll be doing your part for the world! For any house clearance needs, come to us. Give us a call on 020 3092 2961 or email

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