Although Christmas is the most joyous time of year, it is also a season that can produce a lot of waste and contribute to landfill. With the current state of our environment, it would be understandable for you to want to keep your Christmas season as eco-friendly as possible! Luckily for you, we have some brilliant tips about how you can keep your Christmas sustainable…

Recycle your Christmas tree

After buying a real Christmas tree for that festive feeling, many people then don’t know what to do with it once the holiday is over. The worst things you can do is burn your tree or put it in landfill. Christmas trees can have oils in them, which are harmful if burned and fumes are released into the air. Putting your tree in landfill could mean that the carbon turns into methane, further damaging our environment. The best thing to do is arrange for a Christmas tree collection, which will ensure that your tree is disposed of properly.

Recycle your wrapping paper

A lot of wrapping paper on the market has foil, glitter, and plastic embedded in the surface, which makes beautifully adorned paper, but also a non-recyclable item. Even though these papers may match your Christmas aesthetic, it may be better to ensure you are using recyclable wrapping paper. This will allow you to put the wrapping out with your paper recycling, whether you are in Bromley or Lambeth.

Reuse last year’s decorations

A great way to avoid causing new waste is to reuse Christmas decorations from last year. This could be baubles, tinsels, table place mats, and more. After all, there is little reason to buy new things every year that come with single use plastic and could cause harm to the environment! Reusing items is a brilliant way to keep up the festive cheer whilst being kind to the environment, and it definitely won’t sacrifice your Christmas style.

Buy gifts and decorations mindfully

When you do have to buy new things, such as presents or Christmas crackers, you can make a conscious effort to ensure that the items are sustainable. This could be making sure that the packaging doesn’t have any single use plastic or making sure the item is recyclable. For example, when looking for Christmas crackers, you should ensure that they have an FSC certification, which ensure that the wood and paper used are made from recycled sources or well-managed forests.

Make your own decorations

This year, you could think about making some of your decorations. If you’ve recently undergone an autumnal garden clear out, there’s a chance that you have some sprigs of holly and branches that you can use for a garland or a wreath. The rest of your garden waste can be collected by an expert team, with the attractive pieces being utilised within your home to decorate for the Christmas season.

If these tips and tricks for a sustainable Christmas have helped you out and you now have garden waste to dispose of or a Christmas tree that will need collecting, Junk Taxi is the team to come to. We frequently provide rubbish removal and house clearance services. To contact us, call 020 3092 2961 or email

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