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Christmas is a time when the lights sparkle, and the decorations are bigger and better every year. Whether you are a festive fanatic or not, most people will invest in real Christmas trees to participate in the holiday cheer, twinkling in their homes in Bromley. When the Christmas period is over, however, you might be wondering what to do with your leftover tree. With our service throughout Bromley, your tree can be collected and disposed of with no inconvenience to you. This will ensure that the impact on the environment is kept to a minimum, and your home isn’t cluttered when it doesn’t need to be. For a Christmas tree recycling service, contact Junk Taxi on 020 3092 2961.



Christmas tree collection
across Bromley

As with all green garden waste, it can be difficult to know what to do with something as large as a Christmas tree! A garden waste service may not be as specialised as you may need, with many festive trees reaching high heights. After your tree has served its purpose, a Christmas tree collection service in Bromley could be what you need. Organising your Christmas tree waste collection is simple, all you have to do is get in touch with Junk Taxi in Bromley, and discuss your requirements. Someone from our team will be able to collect your waste as soon as is convenient for you. Simply leave your tree outside your home in Bromley, and we will be able to collect it efficiently.

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Christmas tree delivery in Bromley

If during the festive season you yearn for a real Christmas tree, but have no means to get one into your home, Junk Taxi can benefit you. We provide a service to deliver a Christmas tree to your property, using our transport options to ensure the tree isn’t damaged or confined to the small space of a car! Our team will bring your Christmas tree right to your door, saving you any hassle and allowing you to get started with the fun part – the decorating process. Enquire with our team for more details on our Christmas tree delivery service.


Recycling your Christmas tree
in Bromley

Recycling your Christmas tree is the right thing to do for the environment. When your tree is collected from Bromley, it will be taken to a collection point to be broken down or composted. There are a variety of ways your Christmas tree to be recycled:

  • Turned into wood chippings –The trees will be shredded into wood chippings, which can then be used on flower beds and in woodland areas around Bromley.
  • Wood chippings can be turned into mulch – Mulch can be used for gardening and can be used in public spaces, such as on hiking trails.
  • Trees can be turned into compost, which can then be sold to Bromley homeowners – This allows you to benefit from the nourishment provided from your old tree.

The benefit of recycling your Christmas tree is the protection of our environment. There are two things you shouldn’t do with your leftover tree, as they could have harmful effects on the atmosphere.

  • DON’T burn your tree – These trees can have oils and fumes in them which can be harmful to both inhale and release into Bromley’s environment. Burning it can send the carbon back into the air, which is the opposite of what we want!
  • DON’T put your tree in landfill – A lot of landfill ends up underground, where there is little oxygen available. The bacteria underground will turn the carbon from the tree into methane, producing damage to global temperatures.

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