Christmas tree collection in Croydon

Christmas tree collection
in Croydon

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Every year the excitement builds in the lead-up to Christmas, with the lights sparkling and the decorations going up. Most people, no matter how Christmassy they are feeling, will invest in a real tree to sit pride of place in their Croydon homes. However, once the festive fun is over and the baubles have been put away, you may be left wondering how to get rid of your tree. We provide our service throughout Croydon, collecting and disposing of trees with no inconvenience to you. This will ensure that your home not unnecessarily cluttered, and the environmental impact is kept to a minimum. Contact Junk Taxi on 020 3092 2961 for a Christmas tree delivery or collection service in Croydon.

Christmas tree collection in Croydon

Christmas tree collection in Croydon

Christmas tree collection
across Croydon

It can be difficult to decide what to do with all your green garden waste, and Christmas trees are no different. Many festive trees are very tall, so a standard garden waste service may not be specialised enough for the job. Once the holiday period has passed, a Christmas tree collection in Croydon is exactly what you need. It’s simple – get in touch with Junk Taxi in Croydon to discuss your requirements. A member of our team will happily collect your used tree at a time which suits you. Leave your tree at the front of your home in Croydon, and we’ll come round to collect it in an efficient manner.

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Christmas tree delivery in Croydon

Do you wish you could have a real Christmas tree in your living room during the festive season, but have no means of transporting it to your home? If this is the case, Junk Taxi can help you. Our transport options enable us to take a Christmas tree to your property without damaging it by forcing it into a vehicle that is too small. Having your tree delivered to your door means you can skip straight to the good bit – the decorating. For more information about our Christmas tree delivery service in Croydon, get in touch with our team.

Christmas tree collection in Croydon

Recycling your Christmas tree
in Croydon

Recycling your Christmas tree is the most environmentally friendly solution. Once we have collected your tree in Croydon, it will be taken to a collection point to be broken down or composted. Your festive tree can be recycled in several ways:

  • Turned into wood chippings – Your tree can be shredded into wood chippings, ready to be used on flowerbeds or in woodlands throughout Croydon.
  • Wood chippings can be turned into mulch – Ideal for hiking trails, mulch can also be used for gardening and in other public spaces.
  • Trees can be turned into compost, which can then be sold to Croydon homeowners – This way, you can benefit from the nourishment that your old tree provides.

Recycling your Christmas tree is highly beneficial for the environment. There are two tree disposal methods which can have a negative impact on the atmosphere, so they should be avoided at all costs.

  • DON’T burn your tree – Christmas trees often contain oils and create fumes which can be harmful to Croydon’s atmosphere, and they are not good to inhale. Burning your tree can do the opposite of what we want by sending carbon back into the air.
  • DON’T put your tree in landfill – There is little oxygen available underground, and that is where a lot of landfill ends up. The bacteria underground will turn the carbon from the tree into methane, contributing to global temperatures continuing to rise.

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